November 1, 2009

Triple Holiday SALE!! Notes & Guidelines.

Hi, everyone!

People have been texting me since 12:00 AM, inquiring me about the exact time, but I couldn't answer them because even I don't know when it will be up! xD There are still a lot of things to do, after all. I've been working non-stop for 2 days just to finish the layouts, templates, promotional banners, check the inventory and such. Cring and my super pretty boyfriend, Une, were sweet enough to help by making the banner and album cover respectively, and I'm so grateful - not only did it save me a lot of time, but it also spared me from a plentiful amount of stress and worrying. And by the time I went to sleep at 2:00 AM today, I've accomplished most of what I've jotted down in my to-do list, leaving me with only 2 more things to work on before the sale can FINALLY begin.

Meticulous-much? I've always been guilty of that. It's like a curse, which I can't seem to get rid of and instead, begrudgingly embraces. Is it a crime to want things to be well-organized and be perfect by your standards? I seriously hope not! xD

Anyway, because I shall be the only one managing the sale for now, I've altered the payment, delivery and meet-up options a bit so it will be easier for me to monitor every transaction we'll be having. The following shall be effective today until the sale ends - that's from Nov. 01, 2009 up to Jan. 10, 2010:

BDO Deposit
G-Cash (+1.0% surcharge)
PayPal (for international buyers only!)
Cash On Delivery


Xend Express
FedEX (for international buyers only!)

SM Southmall, Las Pinas
SM Center, Las Pinas
KFC, Times

* A fixed handling and transportation fee of 50 PhP shall be charged for meet-ups.
* Meet-ups will be with Une and are done every Sunday only.
* Standard COD rules still apply! Read them HERE.

For any questions, feel free to text me.

We only have a few hours left before the "Triple Holiday Sale!!!" is up, so please stay tuned!


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