July 20, 2010

READ!! Of Resellers & Copycats.

Let's make this quick.

As of now, "Curls & Twirls" does not have ANY resellers. We sell all our items ourselves and with no help from others. Thus, if you happen to come across any online shops that are selling our stuff using OUR pictures, kindly call our attention. Such websites may be one of the following:
  • An unauthorized reseller
  • A potential scammer
  • Someone who actually sells them, but is probably too lazy to take his/her own pictures
Whichever they are from the above choices, we shall NOT tolerate them. We made this pretty clear already -- all visual and textual contents in our site are OURS. No, we don't like to share, but if you ask us nicely and BEFORE you actually copy whatever we have posted, we *might* reconsider.

Thank you.


Curls & Twirls

July 15, 2010

New Uploads Tomorrow!! ^.~

Hi, everyone!

Just in case Cring, the person in charge of the newsletter, fails to text all subscribers in time for the next upload, I (Gen) shall be making the announcement here:


We've just recovered from the 20-hour blackout since last night; we're not even sure if our clients have received all text messages we sent them today in regards to their orders, so we figured that posting a public notice such as this is much better.

Anyway, let's all take care. God bless and good night!


Curls & Twirls

July 10, 2010

Rice Cooker Coin Banks to be Featured at Unang Hirit!! :D

Oh, yes!

One of their researchers texted me regarding this earlier. Our very own quirky rice cooker coin banks shall be featured in one of their segments this Monday!!

The shock still hasn't fully disappeared in my system yet, but OMG, I'm so giddy right now that I can't stop grinning even while typing this! xD

Anyway, please watch Unang Hirit this Monday at 5:00-9:00 AM and witness our beloved rice cooker coin banks become national icons! Ahaha~~

And I'm sooo sorry if I seem to be on crack in this entry. I'm dead tired from today's events, but I still want to share with you guys this little scoop.


July 3, 2010

New Rates for Air21 Effective July 01, 2010.

Just in!!

Air21 has increased their fees yet again this month. It's not much, but it's still worth mentioning. Their new price list can be downloaded in .PDF format in their official website, so keep a copy and be guided accordingly.

Our rates table shall be updated as well in lieu of this (we're sure most shops will too). Keep a lookout, ne?

Oh, and NEW products shall be uploaded some time today! Please look forward to them.


Curls & Twirls