March 5, 2011

CLOSED!: CurlyTwirly Treat #01.


  • Baby Tomodachi Wallet (Kuma-rin)
  • Summer Festival Fan
  • Mini Pudding Pen (Grapes)


1. Be a part of our family by clicking the link and liking our page.

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3. For BONUS points, comment on said image with your favorite Disney movie! :)

Jill Odessa Castardo
Randomly picked by's Fruit Machine

Much thanks to everyone who joined. :)

Gen's favorite Disney movie:
"The Little Mermaid! :) My mom always has fond memories of me as Princess Ariel during our graduation performance back in pre-school (I really wanted to be Flounder, but the role sadly called for a boy). Then, there's the neon pink Ariel lunch box and matching bag I've been carrying around in grade school - adamantly refusing to exchange it for some other design (like Barbie - not that I don't love it!). My mermaid-themed party for my 7th birthday was also such a big hit! And until now, I'd keep on singing their theme song like it was my own national anthem. Even as a kid, I was always so in love with Ariel and Eric's love story. Suffice to say, The Little Mermaid has been my top favorite since childhood! :">"

Anyway, please stay tuned for April's giveaway~!