April 30, 2011

Of Birthday Giveaways & New Uploads! n.n


Once again, it'll be Gen and Cring's birthday this Monday!

Gen ~ May 2, 1988 (23 y/o)
Cring ~ May 2, 1987 (24 y/o)

Aiyaa~ Time flies by so fast! We're getting ooooooooooooooold, and we're honestly not liking it! :))

Still, we figured it calls for a (reluctant) celebration, and so, we decided to have a super mega OH!-some giveaway this month of flowers. For our CurlyTwirly Treat #03, TWO (2) lucky participants will be selected as winners! What's up for the giveaways, you ask? The announcement will be made exactly on our birthday, so ready yourselves! :)

In the meantime, TWO new products will be uploaded tomorrow around 2:00-3:00 PM. I'm telling you this now because I have an engagement tomorrow and I won't have the time to send out text messages to our dear subscribers. My baby bro (and self-proclaimed VP of CurlyTwirly Corp. - where did that come from?) will be the one to activate the listings on my behalf.

So yeah, stay tuned, darlings! I'm sorry if this sounds rushed, but the heat is seriously making my head hurt; I need rest.


April 22, 2011

FEATURED!! Curls & Twirls @ Style and Soul! :D


Another lovely feature - this time from Ms. Melai of Style and Soul, who also just happens to be the chic bella behind F-Stop! It's always an honor to be a part of someone's special day. :)

Loves, please read the full story by clicking the link below, and don't forget to greet Ms. Melai; it's her blog's anniversary! There's also a HUGE giveaway open to anyone, so join join join~

On another note, I had to postpone the new uploads that were supposed to be launched last Monday (April 18) because the meeting with the folks at Multiply.Ph went longer than expected. It was a very pleasant meeting though; they were all so nice and Cring and I had fun hanging out with them. That and it's also Holy Week. So sorry, darlings. ^^; I'll try to finish the layouts today so I can upload the new products this weekend.

For now, anyone digging the new Multiply 5.0? Lemme know your thoughts!


April 19, 2011

Hello, Multiply 5.0! We're an Alpha Merchant! :)

Time for change!

As you can see, Curls & Twirls is currently undergoing enhancements; we now have the new Multiply Shopping Cart integrated to our system. All available products have also been put into listings rather than normal photos in the photo album/gallery. In this alpha testing stage, you might experience some kinks in the shopping procedures we've all gotten used to, but rest assured that everything is made to benefit everyone and give both sellers and buyers a new and improved shopping experience in Multiply. The new steps aren't all that complicated and I believe it's quite easy to navigate through the new platform, but if you feel lost, just call my attention and I'll be glad to help you. :) I'd SO like to create an intensive guide for everyone (complete with images!), but I'm afraid I'm too busy to do that right now. ^^;

As one of the few chosen Multiply 5.0 merchants, Curls & Twirls will be helping out the Multiply team (through the newly established Multiply.Ph) to make Multiply.com evolve into an awesome shopping destination; thus, if you encounter any problems while using this new version, or if you have any feedback, recommendations and all that, please feel free to PM me so I can share your insights with them. 

Thank you! Enjoy the new Multiply 5.0, loves! :)


April 12, 2011

CLOSED!: CurlyTwirly Treat #02.


  • Fruity Face Night Lamp (Pumpkin)


1. Be a part of our family by clicking the link and liking our page.

2. Click the link and like the image.

3. For BONUS points, comment on said image with (1) talent of yours that you are MOST proud of! :)

Shanelle Pineda
Randomly picked by Classtool.net's Fruit Machine

Much thanks to everyone who joined. :)

Gen's proud talent:
"It's got to be my 'blessed' ability to draw the prettiest of men! An anime fanatic since childhood, I've been drooling over many bishounen for years until I was able to snag my own pretty boy. Of course, this talent wasn't just given to me; I've had years of practice. Want to see a sample? Click HERE. Teehee~ x3"

Anyway, please stay tuned for May's SPECIAL giveaway~! 


April 6, 2011

Meet-ups/COD's: No to Tardiness!


As much as we love our clients, our tolerance has limits.

We allow meet-ups at various places (Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Pasay, Taguig and Makati) for your further convenience, but when you make an appointment with us, PLEASE SHOW UP IN TIME! We do our best to arrive in the meet-up spot at the time YOU specified, so be courteous enough to do the same.

Last month until last week, we've had the same problem with different clients. One even had the gall to shopshopshop, leaving my BF patiently waiting for her with no clues as to where she was, save for a single text message that said, "Am 0n my way. W8 lng p0." He showed up late for work because of that, and that inconsiderate girl didn't even apologize for her lateness. I was beyond mortified; it's about time I do something about this.

Effective April 2011, we are only going to wait for you for (1) hour - NO EXCUSES. If you do not show up within that time frame, you shall lose any meet-up privileges in the future. We may or may not ban you, but that really depends on your behavior.

Suffice to say, we do not take kindly to tardiness; it's unprofessional and downright rude.

Anyway, we hope you understand.