April 6, 2011

Meet-ups/COD's: No to Tardiness!


As much as we love our clients, our tolerance has limits.

We allow meet-ups at various places (Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Pasay, Taguig and Makati) for your further convenience, but when you make an appointment with us, PLEASE SHOW UP IN TIME! We do our best to arrive in the meet-up spot at the time YOU specified, so be courteous enough to do the same.

Last month until last week, we've had the same problem with different clients. One even had the gall to shopshopshop, leaving my BF patiently waiting for her with no clues as to where she was, save for a single text message that said, "Am 0n my way. W8 lng p0." He showed up late for work because of that, and that inconsiderate girl didn't even apologize for her lateness. I was beyond mortified; it's about time I do something about this.

Effective April 2011, we are only going to wait for you for (1) hour - NO EXCUSES. If you do not show up within that time frame, you shall lose any meet-up privileges in the future. We may or may not ban you, but that really depends on your behavior.

Suffice to say, we do not take kindly to tardiness; it's unprofessional and downright rude.

Anyway, we hope you understand. 


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