February 16, 2010

Rant: On Random Text Updates.

This is a shout-out to the shop owners who keep on texting me for updates:

Please STOP. >_<

That is, of course, UNLESS I've signed up to be a subscriber or something - which I know I have NOT. 

I'm really sorry about this. I don't mean to sound rude, but it really bothers me when I receive an SMS about updates and the likes from shops, which I haven't even heard of. It's not that I don't care, but really; what you're doing isn't any different from the much loathed mass PM's or GM's that would suddenly pop out of your screens and slow down your computer's system. 

Instead of wasting the time and effort of texting all the mobile numbers that you can come across when browsing Multiply, why not just make a separate album in your shop and have INTERESTED people put their numbers there? A newsletter, like what we do. Text them and ONLY them. That way, you'll know that your messages won't fall into deaf ears (or blind eyes?). 

I know other people who have complained something like this in their blogs. Please (with cherries and sprinkles on top) heed our request. 


♥ Curls & Twirls