September 29, 2010

Funny Sleeping Masks: 5th Batch, Anyone? :3

Results are in!

And because we know you're already anxious and giddy about it, we'll spare you the wait. Cutting all else, here's a set of good and bad news.

The 5th batch is happenin', loves! In fact, it's already here!  *throws confetti* Right now, we have 100+ pcs. on-hand, with 20 different designs to choose from (old and new). Isn't that nice? But no, don't rejoice yet because---

We bought the stocks from a different supplier... for a price a bit more expensive than normal. You know what that means, right? Yes, a price hike. It's not much, and I made sure I add as little as possible to still fit everyone's budgets - only an additional P5 per piece; still, we're sorry. ^^; We'll be losing tons if we don't do this as there are expenses that need to be covered above all else - capital, shipping, customs and VAT. The price is fixed at 85 PhP for retail and 65 PhP for wholesale/bulk (min. of 12 pcs.). Please don't hate us; we'll throw in extra freebies to compensate, promise!

Anyway, the 5th batch shall be uploaded some time this week. We'll have to sort them out first and make the necessary preparations, as usual, but we'll be quick. If you wish to be informed of the exact date and time of release, please comment with your names and contact no/s. right here.

Thank you!


September 4, 2010

Funny Sleeping Masks: Official Waiting List


To those who have missed the uploads for the Funny Sleeping Masks and subsequently failed to get themselves even a piece, let us appease you by saying that it is not over for you yet. So please drop the tomatoes and stop the death glares. ^^

There is still another ___CHANCE___ that we can order a new batch of sleeping masks by next month. As usual, we can't guarantee any fruitful results, but we do promise that we'll do our very best to satisfy everyone's need for a good sleeping mask. And if we're lucky enough to have found the same funny designs as the 1st and 5th batches, we won't hold back in getting some stocks (because apparently, 100 pcs. is *still* not enough).

For the meantime, please comment on this entry with your NAMES and NUMBERS if you wish to be informed if the sleeping masks have arrived. Again, this journal shall serve as the official waiting list for the sleeping masks ONLY. For any other updates -- biweekly uploads of OTHER new items and such, feel free to leave your contact number/s in our Newsletter Album.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed now!