July 31, 2009

August Updates. Part 1? :3

Hello again!

Good thing I looked at my calendar today; it's only NOW when I've realized that it's already the last day of July! My, time seems to fly by much faster than last month... Or is it just me? xD

Anyway, August brings no changes to the shop's system -- not until the next 2 weeks, I think. We're still pretty occupied with the Sushi USB's so we haven't had much time to make updates and add new products as frequently as we used to. The various pictorials and layout designing aren't done yet; we're really sorry about that. ^^; For now, please enjoy whatever products that are currently being offered in the shop. Most of them are almost sold out, and if any beloved patron of ours would buy them and help us clear out their respective albums in the process, that would certainly make us very happy. And as a thank you gift, we shall gladly give him/her/them a very special freebie!!

Also, take a look at our Pre-Loved Collection and see if you could purchase some of them. We are offering FREE SHIPPING to single receipt purchases worth 500 PhP and above. This promo applies to Metro Manila residents only. For provincial buyers, only 50% of the shipping fee shall be charged. Buy for a cause, people! Let's show our love and support to the unfortunate children who needs them.

Oh, and speaking of pre-loved, I'll be selling some of my newly acquired Tsoknat Bags soon! All of them are still in mint condition as they're only used once or twice or NEVER at all. Ain't that grand? Please watch out for it, okay?

More updates will follow soon.

Thank you!


Curls & Twirls

July 23, 2009

Rant: Sushi Crisis.

As you may all have noticed, July is almost over and we still haven't put up the Sushi USB's yet.

Yes, we backed out on our promise.

NO, we absolutely did NOT mean to do that.

Please don't kill us just yet.

See? See?? We're working on it!

And sadly, we still ARE.

The USB's were delivered to us as mere units (meaning, no proper packaging), and since the time we claimed them from Customs, we've been working diligently to repair any damages to them caused by the rough delivery, as well as revamping their already cute appearances to make them even more eye-catching. If you've taken a look at the first picture above, you'll get the point. Although it's not finalized yet, it's already pretty much obvious, right?

We're making them Sushi USB pendants, people. Savvy, yes~?

Another problem we're currently facing is that the USB caps weren't included in the delivery. We're not sure if it was a mistake on our part that we haven't been thorough with the negotiations to the greatest extent, or that the suppliers were high or spaced out when they were talking to us, but for sanity's sake, we've agreed to not think about it anymore.

The point is, we REFUSE to present our customers with Sushi USB's that have no caps. We've worked too hard on them to have them offered with a missing component. Of course, we want our efforts to be rewarded, and for that to be granted, we shall only sell the USB's in their best condition and nothing less than that.

Now, how do we do that?

CD-r King's customer service crew has recently suffered Gen's wrath with their unprofessional and very unethical way of attending to one's inquiries - a quality she utterly despises when making negotiations with a "well-established company" (or so they claimed). We wanted to acquire the USB caps as painless as possible, but they've only wasted a month's worth of our time. Because of that, the people behind "Curls & Twirls" have opted to make the much needed covers themselves.

That's not scary. Stop it.

However, it has been 4 years already since we've last made anything from wax, silicon rubber, latex and resin, so do give us time. If things go smoothly for us, the production shouldn't take THAT long.

And hopefully, the Sushi USB's will finally be available around the 1st or 2nd week of August.

Let's all cross our fingers and pray!

By the way, the USB's have a capacity of 1 GB (before anyone asks again). xD All details regarding them shall be discussed in a separate journal that will be posted by the end of this month, so please look forward to it.

Thank you!


Curls & Twirls

July 20, 2009

Best Desserts: The Best Desserts Indeed!

"The Best Desserts Indeed!"
Written By: Gen Medina

Yes, I'm officially addicted.

What? You got a problem with that?

I've long embraced this craving of mine. I couldn't fight it; it's too strong (and delicious!). It's best that you do the same as well.

So it was June 21, 2009, and I was happy as hell. No, not that it was Fathers' Day, but because it was a Sunday - my boyfriend's one and only day off from work, meaning, I could spend the whole day with him without any interruption from his beloved boss.

His boss. Oh, how I love to hate him...

Anyway, we rode the bus to Vito Cruz and went straight to Kenny Rogers' for some brunch. After ordering, I texted Ate Miren that my boyfriend was on his way to the same meeting place, trying hard to ignore his overly dramatic comment about me forcing him to meet up with some other girl and "exploiting" him, but to no avail. I had to flick him hard on the nose to send him back to reality. xD

However, unlike the last time, it took him a bit longer to claim my orders. I was worried, of course, but to who (my boyfriend) or what (goodies) that concern was directed to, I wasn't really sure. I decided to be logical, so I claimed that I was worried over both.

When the goodies arrived with my boyfriend (or vice versa), I was ecstatic. The vanilla cupcakes that I've ordered looked really cute, and they smelled delicious! The pink and green frosting were specific requests of mine, and Ate Miren was kind enough to sprinkle white chocolate chips on them for free!

Before I could even get my hands on one, my boyfriend covered the box  and put the desserts on his side, and reminded me sternly that we should eat our meals first before digging on any sweets. His "father play" surprised me, and quite frankly, intimidated me as well. I pouted and kept mum as we ate our brunch. I was determined to finish my meal as fast as possible so I could get my dose of Best Desserts' sugar, but it seemed I momentarily forgot that I was actually a very slooooooooow eater. Still, I was able to clean my plate - 1 hour and 30 minutes later. But believe me; it was my fastest yet. 

And now, it was time for my favorite part! :D

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting. I've been eyeing these cupcakes since I first visited Best Desserts, mainly because of their unconvential color. What could possibly turn these cupcakes into red? It had me thinking, and eventually, I've convinced myself that there must have been something included in the recipe - a secret ingredient, heightening my intrigue. I've even resorted to googling, but what I've read scared me, so I disregarded my growing interest with these goodies, afraid that eating cupcakes with beets (or so I've read) would kill me. xD However, the pictures in Best Desserts' site have proven to be too hypnotizing to ignore, so I gave in. I ordered - not before consulting Ate Miren with my concerns and asking her if they were safe to eat, of course. I really hope she didn't find me stupid back then. Anyway, the cupcakes were actually fun to eat! It must have been the combined vanilla and chocolate flavors, but they felt pleasantly quirky in your mouth. Every bite would never fail to remind you of its exquisite flavor, and you'd feel refreshed over and over again. By the time I was done with my first piece, these delightful scarlet-colored cupcakes have become one of my favorite desserts ever. ^__^

Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting and White Choco Tops. They looked really adorable, and I was actually very careful in eating them because I didn't want to ruin the frosting's cute twirl. It tasted like vanilla - no surprise there, and then, milk, egg, butter and sugar! The flavors would simply burst in your mouth, and you couldn't do anything but relish its delicious taste - which I did, happily. Simply put, these cupcakes were very yummy. On the first bite, one could already tell that each heavenly piece was made from only the finest and freshest ingredients, and the moment that notion registered in my head, I knew.

I knew that Best Desserts takes great pride in all their creations and would only provide you with various delicacies of the best quality.

I knew that despite their excellent service and customer relations, the quality of their food shall never be compromised.

I knew that everything you order from Best Desserts shall always be worth every peso you pay for them.

And most of all, I knew that Best Desserts has topped the list of my favorite desserts shops, and that I shall continue supporting them even after I'm able to make food for myself (which would obviously take a looooooooooong time to accomplish).

I heart Best Desserts!!


July 16, 2009

IMPORTANT! A Word from Une.

Because he doesn't want to cause any more confusions, this goes out to all present and future customers of ours who will be having the chance to meet this lovely fellow for Cash On Delivery transactions:

His real name is actually Anthony. ^^

Please do not be mislead by his feminine features. He's pretty for a guy, but let's just accept the fact that he's born that way. xD

We do not know how to establish this truth any further, so we shall simply leave you with this half-nekkid picture of him and hope that it will convince you.

Thank you! 


Curls & Twirls

July 12, 2009

How To Report G-Cash Scams

Because scammers are getting more popular each day.

And we all know how they like it done, right?


Thankfully, I came across this page while I was browsing around e-Bay. It's not much, but at least, Globe has started to make some moves in regards to this issue.

Here is their response:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Due to legal issues, there is a specific process we follow for G-Cash complaints. For proper handling of such complaints, fill out the attached G-Cash complaint form. Please accomplish 2 copies of the form (one for the business center; one for the complainant). Submit one copy to any Globe Business Center. Have the other copy notarized and return it to the business center within 48 hours from the date of complaint or the next business day if the complaint was filed on a weekend or a holiday.

You shall also be asked to present the following:
  • a valid ID (with your picture and signature)
  • G-Cash Acknowledgment receipt (GAR)
  • G-Cash Service Form (GSF)
  • Official receipt (if applicable)
  • G-Cash SMS confirmation (for P2P transactions)
The business center shall then validate the contested transaction and shall do the necessary actions.

Thank you.

Jenna Babasa
Globe Customer Service

I've uploaded the G-Cash Complaint Form (in .PDF format) here. You may download it, if you wish, but please comment on this journal so I'd know.

A huge thanks to lost_serafin for sharing this information to us.

Please spread the word; this will surely help a lot of people!


Curls & Twirls

July 11, 2009

Oh, Gadd... New Changes Again?? xD

Yup, you read it! xD

We really hope you're not getting sick of this. If you are, we're deeply sorry, but we just want everything to be fair between us, you know?

We're not swindlers, and taking advantage of our beloved customers is never a ploy for us - that we can assure you.

So here goes~

(Effective July 13, 2009)

1. 60 PhP FOR XEND, 80 PhP FOR AIR21 (MM ONLY!). It's unfortunate, but we cannot shoulder the packaging and handling fees anymore (we wanted to, but our pockets have proven to be incapable of doing so). Looking at the Package Nursery, anyone can tell that we put so much effort into packing every orders from our clients. We need to cover the expenses somehow, so we hope that you can tolerate the additional 10 PhP to the shipping rates. We refuse to settle for anything less in regards to our shop's packaging quality, so please bear with us.

2. MORE MEET-UP PLACES! Because people keep on asking for it, and we're bound to give in - especially now that my boyfriend's working hours have changed for the better and he finally!!! has the time WE need to squeeze in a few meet-ups here and there. Starting this Monday (July 13, 2009), Market! Market!, Greenbelt, and The Fort will now be accessible for meet-ups. The same rules (by appointments) and handling fees (50 PhP) apply. However, it should be noted that Une is a very punctual boy (who looks like a girl), so tardiness is unacceptable. To familiarize yourself with his (pretty) face, go here.

I think that will be all for now. A separate journal for the Pre-loved Collection and the Sushi USB's will be posted some time soon, so please stay tuned!

And if you want to receive special updates and be informed BEFORE we actually post additions to our gallery of goodies (and what they are), feel free to join our newsletter by going here!


Curls & Twirls