July 20, 2009

Best Desserts: The Best Desserts Indeed!

"The Best Desserts Indeed!"
Written By: Gen Medina

Yes, I'm officially addicted.

What? You got a problem with that?

I've long embraced this craving of mine. I couldn't fight it; it's too strong (and delicious!). It's best that you do the same as well.

So it was June 21, 2009, and I was happy as hell. No, not that it was Fathers' Day, but because it was a Sunday - my boyfriend's one and only day off from work, meaning, I could spend the whole day with him without any interruption from his beloved boss.

His boss. Oh, how I love to hate him...

Anyway, we rode the bus to Vito Cruz and went straight to Kenny Rogers' for some brunch. After ordering, I texted Ate Miren that my boyfriend was on his way to the same meeting place, trying hard to ignore his overly dramatic comment about me forcing him to meet up with some other girl and "exploiting" him, but to no avail. I had to flick him hard on the nose to send him back to reality. xD

However, unlike the last time, it took him a bit longer to claim my orders. I was worried, of course, but to who (my boyfriend) or what (goodies) that concern was directed to, I wasn't really sure. I decided to be logical, so I claimed that I was worried over both.

When the goodies arrived with my boyfriend (or vice versa), I was ecstatic. The vanilla cupcakes that I've ordered looked really cute, and they smelled delicious! The pink and green frosting were specific requests of mine, and Ate Miren was kind enough to sprinkle white chocolate chips on them for free!

Before I could even get my hands on one, my boyfriend covered the box  and put the desserts on his side, and reminded me sternly that we should eat our meals first before digging on any sweets. His "father play" surprised me, and quite frankly, intimidated me as well. I pouted and kept mum as we ate our brunch. I was determined to finish my meal as fast as possible so I could get my dose of Best Desserts' sugar, but it seemed I momentarily forgot that I was actually a very slooooooooow eater. Still, I was able to clean my plate - 1 hour and 30 minutes later. But believe me; it was my fastest yet. 

And now, it was time for my favorite part! :D

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting. I've been eyeing these cupcakes since I first visited Best Desserts, mainly because of their unconvential color. What could possibly turn these cupcakes into red? It had me thinking, and eventually, I've convinced myself that there must have been something included in the recipe - a secret ingredient, heightening my intrigue. I've even resorted to googling, but what I've read scared me, so I disregarded my growing interest with these goodies, afraid that eating cupcakes with beets (or so I've read) would kill me. xD However, the pictures in Best Desserts' site have proven to be too hypnotizing to ignore, so I gave in. I ordered - not before consulting Ate Miren with my concerns and asking her if they were safe to eat, of course. I really hope she didn't find me stupid back then. Anyway, the cupcakes were actually fun to eat! It must have been the combined vanilla and chocolate flavors, but they felt pleasantly quirky in your mouth. Every bite would never fail to remind you of its exquisite flavor, and you'd feel refreshed over and over again. By the time I was done with my first piece, these delightful scarlet-colored cupcakes have become one of my favorite desserts ever. ^__^

Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting and White Choco Tops. They looked really adorable, and I was actually very careful in eating them because I didn't want to ruin the frosting's cute twirl. It tasted like vanilla - no surprise there, and then, milk, egg, butter and sugar! The flavors would simply burst in your mouth, and you couldn't do anything but relish its delicious taste - which I did, happily. Simply put, these cupcakes were very yummy. On the first bite, one could already tell that each heavenly piece was made from only the finest and freshest ingredients, and the moment that notion registered in my head, I knew.

I knew that Best Desserts takes great pride in all their creations and would only provide you with various delicacies of the best quality.

I knew that despite their excellent service and customer relations, the quality of their food shall never be compromised.

I knew that everything you order from Best Desserts shall always be worth every peso you pay for them.

And most of all, I knew that Best Desserts has topped the list of my favorite desserts shops, and that I shall continue supporting them even after I'm able to make food for myself (which would obviously take a looooooooooong time to accomplish).

I heart Best Desserts!!



  1. yummy-looking cupcakes. reading your review made me want to eat one as well! :)

  2. Aww, sayang, Sis! Ang layo mo nga pala! :(

    Punta ka dito sa Manila! Joy ride tayo sa car mo while eating Ate Miren's cupcakes! Hehe... xD

  3. hi Gen! may i link? weres the "special" cake for ur boyfy pic? hehehehe

  4. kaya nga eh sis! :(

    haha. if only i could drive there, and if only alam ko puntahan lugar dyan. haha. :D

  5. Separate journal poh yun! Hehe... Xempre, special e! =)

  6. gen, the RVC or red velvet cupcakes are my favorite too! they're light but satisfying

  7. Superrrr!!! xD Next month, I'm gonna splurge ulet sa desserts niyo. Nililimitahan ko kasi ng once a month para di lumobo agad. Weee~!! ^__^

  8. heheheheeh good idea! desserts in moderation =)