July 31, 2009

August Updates. Part 1? :3

Hello again!

Good thing I looked at my calendar today; it's only NOW when I've realized that it's already the last day of July! My, time seems to fly by much faster than last month... Or is it just me? xD

Anyway, August brings no changes to the shop's system -- not until the next 2 weeks, I think. We're still pretty occupied with the Sushi USB's so we haven't had much time to make updates and add new products as frequently as we used to. The various pictorials and layout designing aren't done yet; we're really sorry about that. ^^; For now, please enjoy whatever products that are currently being offered in the shop. Most of them are almost sold out, and if any beloved patron of ours would buy them and help us clear out their respective albums in the process, that would certainly make us very happy. And as a thank you gift, we shall gladly give him/her/them a very special freebie!!

Also, take a look at our Pre-Loved Collection and see if you could purchase some of them. We are offering FREE SHIPPING to single receipt purchases worth 500 PhP and above. This promo applies to Metro Manila residents only. For provincial buyers, only 50% of the shipping fee shall be charged. Buy for a cause, people! Let's show our love and support to the unfortunate children who needs them.

Oh, and speaking of pre-loved, I'll be selling some of my newly acquired Tsoknat Bags soon! All of them are still in mint condition as they're only used once or twice or NEVER at all. Ain't that grand? Please watch out for it, okay?

More updates will follow soon.

Thank you!


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