August 4, 2009

(Pre-loved) Tsoknat Bags, you like? ^^

Hey! Hey!

After much deliberation, I've finally decided to resell some of my newly acquired Tsoknat Bags. I've gotten too many of them in such a short time, and now, I need to give away some of them because I have no more space in my room! xD

For now, I will be offering 2 of my Tsoknat Bags - the Deseri Hobo (Monday Blues) and the Miwa Kawaii Hobo (Color Contest). I won't deduct much from their original prices because I've gotten to use Deseri twice only and Miwa is still brand new - I've only managed to look at it and coo over its cute cloud flap so far. ^^

Nevertheless, they're still considered pre-loved or pre-owned (despite them still being in mint condition), and so, to recompense, I shall gladly shoulder the shipping costs for anyone who buys these delightful, one-of-a-kind bags.

What a treat, right?!  I repeat:

FREE SHIPPING for every purchase of my pre-loved Tsoknat Bags!!

The album will be up for everyone's viewing pleasure TONIGHT. If you're one of our dear subscribers, then you will be informed of the exact time. Otherwise, just watch out for it!


Curls & Twirls


  1. asan asan??
    gusto ko ng tsoknat. :(
    lagi naman ako naubusan. :(

  2. Haha... Ang rabid kasi ng customers kaya madaling maubos. Anyway, later ko ioopen yung album, Sis. ;)

  3. mayang gabi. :( papasok pa ko.haha

  4. dibs on d Miwa kawaii Hobo!...if I dont fnd anythng on tsoknats latr anyway...:)

  5. Hindi ko kinaltasan ng sobra yung original price, Sis. Bago pa kasi talaga lahat and galing pa sa latest collections. Pero xempre, free shipping para masaya~! :D

  6. Aww... :( Don't worry, Sis. Pag naunahan ka, gamitin ko agad yung iba para mabenta ko sayo. Hehe... xD