August 25, 2009

New Tentative Shipping Option.

Hi, guys!

Due to Air21's newly imposed (stupid) policy, we shall be shipping provincial-bound packages via Xend. This will be our default delivery option for the meantime, and until we have decided what to do in regards to this sudden inconvenience or the people behind Air21 realizes how ridiculous their new policy is and returns to their old system (which seems highly unlikely), we should all just try to make the necessary adjustments. We do not want to hear any complaints or woes; we have a lot of them too, you know, but we're not being babies about it. ^^;

Anyway, if you wish to stay loyal to Air21 and have them deliver your parcels to your doorstep, you can still request them when signing the order form, although it may take some time for us to personally take your orders to their office. We rely on pick-ups for a very good and obvious reason, and now that the service has been changed to our disadvantage, you cannot expect us to suddenly find the time to squeeze in a few drop-off trips amidst our already very busy schedule. To save time and energy, we shall most probably take the packages to Air21 by batch and once (or twice, if time permits) a week.

The delivery section of the site will be updated some time today with Xend's shipping charges.

Thank you, and we truly hope our dear customers understand and work with us.


Curls & Twirls


  1. just found that out today. grabe hassle. i think we should convince others to send a message to air21 how hate their new policy. arrgh.

  2. Haha... Nagsisimula na nga ko gumawa ng e-mail sa kanila. xD Biglaan kasi talaga, pati nga sa site nila walang updates pa rin. :(

  3. sis gawa po tayo ng petition! c: sama ako dyn s Air21 thing >.< they shouldn't be declining customers >.<

  4. Nyak! Ang hassle lang nun, Sis. Tamad pa man din ako. xDD

  5. ay hehe xD sis hayaan mo na po ang karma! :D