September 1, 2009

The Sushi USB Referral Promo!!

Oh, wow! Isn't that nice?

The "Sushi USB Referral Promo" will be our very first gimmick for this new month! We're all very excited for thinking this up, so we hope you are too! :D

So what's it all about? We'll be blunt regarding this.

Any qualifying individual who reaches the referral quota shall be given one of the following gift packages:
  • A Sushi USB Key Set (Ikura Sushi or Uzura Natto). Who wouldn't want such a rare goodie without paying anything for it?
  • A Giant Snack Beach Bag - the ever-so-famous summer bags that will be restocked REAL soon! They tend to come and go REAL fast, but you're guaranteed to get one. Special treatment much? Click here to get a good look at them.
  • 2 commissioned artworks from Gen and Cring. Their prices range from $10-$50 per artwork (about P450-P2,500), but (international) customers hire them for a good reason, as seen below. Gen's drawings are at the top and Cring's at the bottom. Click the thumbnails for a larger view.

Note that the prizes below are on a first come, first serve basis - meaning, that when a particular package has already been selected, the next winner cannot avail it anymore.

Now, how to be eligible for the promo? Of course, it's simple! Just be mindful of the following conditions:
  • You have purchased from us prior to this promo. It doesn't matter how much you've spent, as long as you're a repeat buyer. We'll know if you are (or not) anyway.
  • Get your friends or anyone from your network to purchase a SUSHI USB Key Set from us, and have them put your name as the referrer in the COMMENTS/REQUESTS section of the order form. Note that signing the order form is a strict requirement in our shop.
  • The referral quota is 6 USB Sets (not the people) - no more, no less. As soon as you've reached the cut, we shall contact you via PM and SMS.
  • EXTRA!! Post this banner on your site's front page (or anywhere visible), and get a FREE loot bag from us on your next purchase - no minimum quantity or total amount required. Our loot bags contain 3-4 surprise treats, which cannot be found in our Promos & Freebies album. To qualify for the reward, simply copy and paste the codes below, and send us a screen shot of your site as proof.

CTRL + A. CTRL + C. CTRL + V. ^^

Easy, right?

So, are you IN or OUT?

The promo is valid until supplies last! ^__^

For more questions, feel free to comment on this entry and we shall answer you promptly.

Thank you!


Curls & Twirls


  1. Sana meron sa Gaia online ng arts nyo. I mean sana open pa! lol~ pa copy ng banner a ♥

  2. You play Gaia? Hehe... Si Cring nagcocommission dun e, kaya lang di ko na sure if it's open pa. ^^; Sige, Sis, pasend ng link ng screen shot, ha? We'll feature it! Thanks! ^__^

  3. sis nalagy ko na po banner niyo po c:

  4. Pasend ng screen shot, Renza. We'll feature it. Hehe... =)

  5. ah uu, dati pa XD per hindi n masyado active. Naku hiya ako ifeature site ko, hindi kase nadadayo yun basta basta ..hahaha .. XD

  6. gen!:) posted your banner on my site na. super plug mode. hahaha:) how do i send you the screen shot?:)

  7. sis...paano mg send ng screen shot?:)

  8. The promo is still ongoing pa poh. =)

  9. The promo is still ongoing pa poh. =)

  10. haha.really?post co ung banner.HAHA :D

  11. Thanks! =) Remember, you're not limited to promoting the program online. You're free to make kulet of you friends din. Hehe... xD