September 24, 2009

READ!! More On Onigiri Outlet. ^^

STILL so exciting~!

Our sister shop, "Onigiri Outlet", will be having its grand opening this coming October 01, 2009 at 8:00 in the evening! I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it, and we really do hope you'll come and see what apparels we have enthusiastically selected for our premiere collection! ^__^

What is "Onigiri Outlet" all about?
"Onigiri Outlet" is a sister shop of "Curls & Twirls", also managed by the same masterminds - Gen, Cring & Mooch. We built the store mainly to help Cring & Mooch's mom, Tita Nora, to clear her inventory by selling some of her overstocks online and in prices MUCH cheaper than what are normally offered in her physical store.

"Onigiri Outlet" also serves as an extension of our Pre-loved Collection. Our unused apparels are piling up one after the other, and they're already too many that we couldn't afford to put them up here anymore in fear that we might mess up our shop's arrays. Besides, we don't like to clutter "Curls & Twirls" with items that are irrelevant to its theme - cute, unique and all that. We're very meticulous people, and proud of that.

What does "Onigiri Outlet" offer?
As mentioned, a wide variety of clothes, shoes and bags shall grace the shop's catalog once it's officially launched. Every anthology, we upload shall contain a fairly balanced amount of brand new clothes from our sponsor, Tita Nora, and pre-loved wears from our own closets - all guaranteed to be in mint condition, if not seldom worn or unused. Sizes shall range from XS-XL, though there may be some that can even stretch up to 3X! So basically, the shop can cater to ALL frame types.

Like most online clothing stores, all apparels purchased from us shall be carefully hand-washed and ironed before shipping. We like taking care of our girls, after all~! <3

How does "Onigiri Outlet" work?
Despite our items not coming from ukay stores, we shall be using the infamous bidding system for all uploads (unless otherwise stated). Not only is it undeniably popular nowadays, it's also more fun and interactive for everyone, which is what we aim to give to our future patrons.

Once again, "Onigiri Outlet" shall be opening this October 01, 2009 (Thursday), and the premiere anthology shall be available for viewing and bidding at 8:00 PM. Start marking your calendars, and add us up if you haven't done so! We'd definitely LOVE to have YOU there! ^__^

Lastly, here are some of the apparels that we shall be offering you in the first collection. We hope they get you in the mood for the opening!

Ask away for any questions. You know how it goes by now~!


Curls & Twirls


  1. again, i love the names. and i love the item mikage. :)

  2. Haha... Sana maging successful yung launching. XD~

  3. It will be sis. May bags/shoes ba sa first collection?

  4. Wala pa e... :( Puro clothes pa lang muna. Haha... Okay lang ba yun? xD Blouses, shirts, party tops, dresses, evening dresses, skirts, shorts, vests, jackets and cardigans. Yan yung mga natatandaan kong meron. ^^

  5. Okay lang yun sis. Ehe. Waah. I need dresses. O yung corporate attire, meron ba? And I want shorts... :D

  6. Di ko sure kung merong corpo eh... Pero lam mo ba, nadiscover ko na kahit anong casual top pwede magmukang smart casual pag nilagyan ng waist cincher style na belt! xD

  7. Waah. Wala pa naman akong kahit anong belt. Haha. Thanks for that! Will definitely hunt for belts now. Haha.

  8. Hehe... Sige lang, Sis! Good luck! ^__^