September 8, 2009

Now Accepting BPI Payment Deposits!

Hey, Loves!

We've just opened a new account in BPI in response to the many prospective buyers who were requesting for it. Aren't we sweet~?

Effective today (Sept. 08, 2009), everyone's favorite novelty shop - that's US, "Curls & Twirls", by the way - is now accepting BPI payment deposits. That makes 2 banks for our payment options.

On another note, we are continuing our deliveries through Air21, but do keep in mind that we can only ship packages by batch every Sundays. There may be times that we ship them on weekdays, but that really depends on our availability. Sunday shall still be our official shipping day for Air21, and Xend shall be our primary choice of courier until further notice.

Got any violent reactions? We hope not, but if you do, blame Air21.


Curls & Twirls

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