September 24, 2009

Rant: No More Flooding, Please! D:


While it is perfectly fine to use the many features of Multiply to advertise one's own business, that doesn't make it okay to get all desperate hyper about it and post numerous blogs/notes/links/etc. with the very same contents in rapid succession every minute of every day.

Ever heard of basic advertising etiquette? Bad advertising results to nothing but bad publicity and reputation. Flooding your contacts' inbox pages won't make any of them buy whatever product or service you're offering in your 100000xxxxxxx!!!! posts.

Seriously, people. One post every 5-10 minutes is enough to rouse someone's attention. Interested buyers WILL come - just you wait. AND RELAX.

But if you keep that hyper mood up, you *might* just drive even your prospects away. Who would want to buy from someone unethical and desperate anyway?

They wouldn't.

We wouldn't.

And YOU wouldn't either, would you?

So behave. And please get a grip.


Curls & Twirls


  1. Ahaha... Nauuso na kasi ang flooding masyado. Nakakainis na rin kasi yung iba halos 3 pages yung sakop sa inbox. :(

  2. more than 3 pages pa nga minsan. :)) sana, they'll be more considerate. i mean, its really difficult to advertise your own site, pero sana naisip nila may oother people na naiinis na.:))

  3. sana marami makabasa at makaintindi!

    i-report na yan sa customer service ng multiply. tgnan natin kung umulit pa yan.

  4. Oo nga e... Natatabunan din ng ads nila yung posts na mas important or yung informative announcements.

    Yung ibang shops kasi na pasaway, parang bago pa lang e, so siguro naghahatak ng customers. Kaya lang di nga magandang paraan yun. Pare-pareho lang naman "Korean Pre-orders" or "Geo Contacts" yung offer nila. Kung wala pumapansin sa kanila, sana maisip nila na pwedeng oras na para mag-update sila ng items na mas magugustuhan ng tao - yung sila lang ang meron kaya sila lang ang pupuntahan for that particular item.

    Lahat tayo gusto makabenta, pero most of us (na disciplined) refrain from flooding. It may be the easiest way to catch someone's attention, but certainly not the best.

    Nowadays, madali magbukas ng online shop, pero hindi madali magtaguyod nito. :))

  5. Haha... Feel free to repost this blog, if you want, Sis. =)

    Most of the pasaway and guilty sellers may ignore and act all innocent, pero xempre maapektuhan pa rin sila pag hinarap sa kanila yung totoong result sa ginagawa nila. ^^

  6. that's what filters are for po. :) so inbox ko minsan 400+ messages isang araw, pero mga 20+ lang nakikita ko.

  7. I'd like to, kaya lang xempre nagwwatch out pa rin ako sa kung anu-anong announcements or sales. Haha... x))

    I'm gonna start deleting na lang the flooders from my contacts. =) I actually PM'd one of them na last night to stop with the deed kasi 3+ pages ko sunud-sunod na notes niya. Kaya lang she ignored me, then this morning, ayun... Continue pa rin xa. >__>

  8. I also hate flooders. Hindi ko naman ma-filter kase nga I want to see what products they offer. :)

    Sana naman maintindihan nila yun... Buyers browse naman eh. Though they're busy people, pag shopping usapan, they would browse, right? So kahit minsan mo lang ipost ad mo, pag interested sila at nakita nila, they'll go to your shop... :)

  9. It's not like mahirap naman makuha ang interest ng tao, diba? Lahat naman tayo madaling maengganyo. Hehe... xD

  10. Agree sis! Haha. Nagbbrowse ako ng shops pag wala ako ginagawa. Ayun. Window shopping. :) Ako yung ayaw ko nagfflood ng ad sa guestbook ko. Nandun pa yung previous post nila sa guestbook ko, magpopost na naman...

  11. Ay!! Naiinis din ako sa ganun - especially yung mga nagpopost ng malalaking ads na nakakasira ng layout ng site. :(

  12. Kaya nga. Currently meron isang ad sa site ko na malaki. Haha. I want to delete it, pero di naman nasira totally layout ko. :)

  13. Ako di ko mabira yung saken. :( Wala kasi reply/edit/delete option sa guestbook koh. Ang weird nga e... xD

  14. OMG yes. Thank you. X_x My Multiply account is going nuts over some sellers' over-eager efforts.