December 20, 2011

READ!! Holiday Hibernation Mode + Important Dates.

Hello, dearies!

First off, we'd like to thank everyone who did their Christmas shopping with us. I'm actually surprised to discover upon doing our year-end inventory that we only have very few stocks left. Almost everything is sold out - and it's all thanks to you guys! So, really, THANK YOU!! We hope you and your giftees enjoy our items, as well as the freebies involved.

And now, onto the announcement~

This is to inform all our beloved patrons that Curls & Twirls shall not be accepting orders from Dec. 22, 2011 - Jan. 04, 2012. Come Thursday, it'll be our third HOLIDAY HIBERNATION MODE since we opened our beloved shop.

In addition, I'll be going on an annual holiday trip with my family and won't be coming back to do business for at least a week. No texts or calls, please, because I'll be too busy doing some serious shopping (as usual), getting MOAR delightfully cute oddities for Curls & Twirls' 2012 collection, and having lots and lots of fun at the side~ xD

With this, please take note of our operations schedule for the remainder of the year:

Payments cut-off: Dec. 21, 2011 (Wednesday) at 11:00 PM
Last day for shipping: Dec. 22, 2011 (Thursday)

Deliveries and transactions will resume on Jan. 05, 2012.
The winner for our 10th CurlyTwirly Treat will also be announced on that date instead of the usual monthly end, so that gives you 5 extra days to join and win a super cute Friendly Angel Mug! ^__^

So, again, please keep track of the dates mentioned above. For any queries, simply leave me a message via PM and I'll reply to you as soon as I can.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


December 10, 2011

CLOSED!: CurlyTwirly Treat #10.


  • Friendly Angel Drinking Mug (Light Pink)
    -------> Comes with a cute gift box!


1. Be a part of our family by clicking the link and liking our page.

2. Click the link and like the image.

3. For BONUS points, comment on said image by completing the sentence: "This year, I am thankful for ----------------."! :)

4. IMPORTANT!! Make sure you leave any of the following via comment - mobile no/s., e-mail address or Multiply ID. We'll be needing them to contact you in case you win~!

Zai Martinez
Randomly picked by's Fruit Machine

Much thanks to everyone who joined. :)

Gen's gratitude list:
"This past year, I'm thankful for a lot of things: health among my family and friends, the many clients and new friends I've made through Curls & Twirls, and this shop still going strong after 3 years. You know who you are; thank you for making 2011 such a blastin' good year! :)"

Anyway, please stay tuned for January's giveaway~!