June 28, 2010

Kinky Phones Coming JULY!! :D

Hey, hey! Have you heard?

We have a new limited edition phone up for sale this July!

Presenting the Kinky Phone! - a functional tabletop telephone that is sure to make eyes pop with its sexy and naughty appearance! It's the PERFECT phone for anyone who's not afraid to be different (and who also takes delight in surprising her peers). A perfect gag gift for any fun-loving individual - be it a girlfriend, girl -slash!- friend, boyfriend, boy -slash!- friend, or even yourself!

Right now, the actual images are yet to be uploaded as there are still some things that need to be done first. Worry not, however, because we don't intend to make you wait - they shall be up for sale no later than July 10, 2010. And that's a promise.

Meanwhile, kindly read the FAQ below for more information regarding these sinful phones.

Are the phones on-hand? How many units are for sale? Oh, yes! All items at "Curls & Twirls" are on-hand, and that includes the Kinky Phones. However, because they are a limited offer (as mentioned), we only have FOUR UNITS for sale - (2) red, (1) violet and (1) black.

How much for the phones? Taking the actual value of the goods, the shipping fee and additional insurance, BIR's charge for VAT and misc. taxes, the packaging design and security, and our efforts in getting a hold of said phones into account, the price is fixed at 999 PHP. Each box of unit is inclusive of a surprise gift - we like giving our clients a little extra for their purchase/s, after all.

Don't you think that the phones cost too much that way? The exact hamburger phones that we are to offer you normally cost 35-50 USD online (1,645-2,351 PHP), minus the shipping fee via EMS or USPS and the subsequent customs duties tax WITH the much hated VAT. The lowest price that we could find is 1,200+ PHP exclusive of delivery fee.  Think again.

Do you have a warranty? No, but our supplier does. If something happens with the phones, you can have us return the item, but all shipping and customs expenses are to be shouldered by YOU. We do not want any of you to experience that kind of economical pain, so we've made sure to inspect the phones thoroughly and even secured the packaging before shipping them to your house.

Do you accept reservations? Why not? Fill out the order form, and we'll reserve a unit for you. As usual, be 100% certain before purchasing; no backing out, please! 

I hope we're able to give you a good deal out of these phones. We guarantee that the phones are very cute and durable, and they're ACTUAL phones - not toys. xD

For any more questions, feel free to ask away~!

Once again, the Kinky Phones will be put on sale this 1st-2nd week of July!

Newsletter subscribers shall be informed earlier than normal customers.

Anyway, just stay tuned~!


Curls & Twirls

June 21, 2010

Curls & Twirls: US Girls' Outstanding Seller for 2010!! :D

This is a very late entry, but no matter.


Thank you so much to those darlings who voted for us. We know this was a small contest, but we're still grateful to our supporters. ^__^

"Curls & Twirls" shall strive to serve our beloved patrons much better from now on. Not only that; we shall also provide you with much much cuter and quirkier products, so always stay tuned!


June 20, 2010

A New Phone: Kinky & Sexy! You want? :3

Presenting a NEW!! kind of rare novelty phone.

A guaranteed hit and a limited offer like the popular Juno Hamburger Phone!

Coming this JULY on "Curls & Twirls".
Gotta look forward to it! ^__^

Disclaimer: Image is a copyright of GLASSYUFORYOU. No, we are NOT in any way connected to them. Thank you! =]

READ!! Results Re: Restocking the Sleeping Masks.

"I did my beeee-est...
but I guess my best wasn't good enough~~"

Well, the result of our quest to restock the sleeping masks came earlier than expected. The supplier was quick to reply, and so we have 2 sets of good and bad news. Brace yourselves, dears!

We were able to restock the sleeping masks, and they are now in transit! *throws confetti* In a week's time, it shall be delivered to Gen's doorstep (along with some other new products to maximize the costly shipping fee).

The supplier only gave us 15 pcs. of sleeping masks! TT__TT" Apparently, we were right when we deduced that the sleeping masks would get sold out from him/her fast, and the 15 pcs. that he/she gave us are the only leftovers. Thankfully, he/she seemed to take pity on us and our predicament so he/she just sold the 15 pcs. to us for a discounted price (the MOR price). Refer to the picture above for the available designs.

Again, we're very sorry about this. We know we already told everyone before not to expect too much, but we still can't help but feel guilty. Really, we did everything to get your orders. ;___;

Anyway, right before we closed the deal, the supplier told us something.

There is a __CHANCE__ that the sleeping masks can be reproduced. No, don't rejoice yet.

As mentioned, it is only a possibility, and it would take another 2-3 months for us to confirm this. That's a long time; we're not even sure if we can afford to order them by then.

We're sure by now, most of you reading this are already discouraged. We are too! We wanted to get 80 pcs., d*mmit! >__<

But we do hope you dears understand.

The new batch of the sleeping masks shall be uploaded some time this week with prior notice to the people who submitted their numbers. Even if your desired quantity and designs are not there, we still wish you make a purchase. Don't let our efforts be in vain, please? :3

For the nth time, thank you and sorry.


Curls & Twirls

June 16, 2010

READ!! On Restocking the Sleeping Masks.

Honestly! We've never expected our Funny Sleeping Masks to be such a hit. In 3 days, all 100 on-hand pieces that we have are gone! @___@"

Some clients have expressed grief that they were too late to get a piece or two for themselves. Some PM'd us to request that we restock. Some texted us and almost begged us to restock. Some had even gone as far as to harass us that we restock SOON. "Restock, restock, or you're a bogus seller!", is what they said.

If we look at this on the funny side (which we won't - promise!), we'd say there seems to be a lot of people having sleeping troubles these days. But these buyers appear to see this issue as gravely serious, so we're trying to look at the it in the same light as well. We love our buyers after all, and we don't want to break any of them hearts by not heeding their request.

With this, please give us 2-3 week TOPS to contact our supplier and see if he/she could accommodate sending us another batch of sleeping masks. We're not promising any fruitful results though, because his/her goods get sold out fast - one of the main reasons why we rarely restock any of our products (when his/her stocks get cleared up, we'd have to search for another supplier - a REAL challenge). And if ever we do, we can't guarantee what designs we will get.

Anyway, if you're one of those people who'd love to get their hands on the famed sleeping masks, please comment with your NAME, CONTACT NO/S. and ESTIMATED NO. OF BUYS (+ DESIGN). Make sure to spread the word to everyone you know who might be interested, because we need to reach the supplier's MOR (minimum order requirement) of 100 pcs. before he/she can make a deal with us. Any updates shall be sent to your mobile numbers in 2 weeks.

Let's all cross our fingers now!


Curls & Twirls