June 20, 2010

READ!! Results Re: Restocking the Sleeping Masks.

"I did my beeee-est...
but I guess my best wasn't good enough~~"

Well, the result of our quest to restock the sleeping masks came earlier than expected. The supplier was quick to reply, and so we have 2 sets of good and bad news. Brace yourselves, dears!

We were able to restock the sleeping masks, and they are now in transit! *throws confetti* In a week's time, it shall be delivered to Gen's doorstep (along with some other new products to maximize the costly shipping fee).

The supplier only gave us 15 pcs. of sleeping masks! TT__TT" Apparently, we were right when we deduced that the sleeping masks would get sold out from him/her fast, and the 15 pcs. that he/she gave us are the only leftovers. Thankfully, he/she seemed to take pity on us and our predicament so he/she just sold the 15 pcs. to us for a discounted price (the MOR price). Refer to the picture above for the available designs.

Again, we're very sorry about this. We know we already told everyone before not to expect too much, but we still can't help but feel guilty. Really, we did everything to get your orders. ;___;

Anyway, right before we closed the deal, the supplier told us something.

There is a __CHANCE__ that the sleeping masks can be reproduced. No, don't rejoice yet.

As mentioned, it is only a possibility, and it would take another 2-3 months for us to confirm this. That's a long time; we're not even sure if we can afford to order them by then.

We're sure by now, most of you reading this are already discouraged. We are too! We wanted to get 80 pcs., d*mmit! >__<

But we do hope you dears understand.

The new batch of the sleeping masks shall be uploaded some time this week with prior notice to the people who submitted their numbers. Even if your desired quantity and designs are not there, we still wish you make a purchase. Don't let our efforts be in vain, please? :3

For the nth time, thank you and sorry.


Curls & Twirls


  1. omo, the genetot and cuckoo are so kawaiii ~ <3 please reserve them for me if it's not reserved for anybody yet :D Also if there's Ko'd, blink, cring and raburabu. >__< sorry for being too pushy ><

  2. Aaaaaw.. I'm a bit discouraged about this. But it's okay, I understand. I'll still buy one anyway. I want the one on the top left. Thanks!

  3. Sorry talaga... :( We're not giving up naman. Before this year ends, we'll strive to get more stocks and more designs. Naka-abang na nga kame e. :))

    Just hang in there, please! ^__^

  4. You can sign the OF so I can reserve them for you na, Sis. Malapit na rin naman silang dumating na. :) Yung ibang designs talaga wala na for now; yung asa taas lang meron. Next time, promise! ^__^

  5. Haha~ no it's really okay. I feel you guys nageexert talaga kayo ng effort. XD
    Edi I'll wait muna? I'm hanging! XD

  6. hurraay :) will sign the OF na :D pero if may idagdag ako sis sa mga bagong items, via PM na lang? :)

  7. Same price pa rin poh, Sis. P80 each. =)

  8. 15 lang sis? :( sad.. can you reserve me 2 sleep mask?
    1 upper left(yellow hair curly) and 1 down right (blue hair) :) thanks

  9. pwede po one of each? :D
    or kung ilan nalang left please PM me.. pick up ko nlng sa atc :D

  10. Girls, we'll post the remaining sleeping masks as soon as they arrive this week. We'll keep you posted. Thanks! =)

  11. Aww, Demo~ I'll be patient and will keep on waiting. :)

  12. I hope you'll have more stocks.. we'll be waiting

    and keep up the good work. :)

  13. i'm waiting... please update me :(

  14. Hi! I'll post a new announcement regarding the sleeping masks. This entry kasi was made a few months ago. :)