June 16, 2010

READ!! On Restocking the Sleeping Masks.

Honestly! We've never expected our Funny Sleeping Masks to be such a hit. In 3 days, all 100 on-hand pieces that we have are gone! @___@"

Some clients have expressed grief that they were too late to get a piece or two for themselves. Some PM'd us to request that we restock. Some texted us and almost begged us to restock. Some had even gone as far as to harass us that we restock SOON. "Restock, restock, or you're a bogus seller!", is what they said.

If we look at this on the funny side (which we won't - promise!), we'd say there seems to be a lot of people having sleeping troubles these days. But these buyers appear to see this issue as gravely serious, so we're trying to look at the it in the same light as well. We love our buyers after all, and we don't want to break any of them hearts by not heeding their request.

With this, please give us 2-3 week TOPS to contact our supplier and see if he/she could accommodate sending us another batch of sleeping masks. We're not promising any fruitful results though, because his/her goods get sold out fast - one of the main reasons why we rarely restock any of our products (when his/her stocks get cleared up, we'd have to search for another supplier - a REAL challenge). And if ever we do, we can't guarantee what designs we will get.

Anyway, if you're one of those people who'd love to get their hands on the famed sleeping masks, please comment with your NAME, CONTACT NO/S. and ESTIMATED NO. OF BUYS (+ DESIGN). Make sure to spread the word to everyone you know who might be interested, because we need to reach the supplier's MOR (minimum order requirement) of 100 pcs. before he/she can make a deal with us. Any updates shall be sent to your mobile numbers in 2 weeks.

Let's all cross our fingers now!


Curls & Twirls


  1. Riza Dolatre / 09172539740
    1 sharingan, 1 bakuman, 1 rabu-rabu, and 1 ulzzang. XD
    Thanks a lot and good luck! :]

  2. Althea Quito / 09154226252
    one of each : (5)
    mamaw ; homicidal ; ulzzang ; bakuman ; rabu-rabu

  3. Christine Cerezo/ 09393330504
    1 ulzzang, 1 mutya. ;)
    Thank You! ^^

  4. 09158554901 - Calin
    1boredom, 1tanuki, 1blink, 1mutya

    thank you :) pm kita sis ^^

  5. elizabeth/092199444
    5pcs=daa daa
    5pcs=rabu rabu
    can you still give discount?

  6. magi---09228749714
    1 boredom, 1 homicidal, 1 cring, 1 sharingan and 1 tanuki... :))
    thank you! :))

  7. Kaye - 09205672873
    1pc each
    mamaw, tanuki, bakuman, daa-daa, genetot, homicidal, ko'd, shoujo, ulzzang, cring.

    Thank you! really hope you can get this asap.. (^^)

  8. Wow, are you guys counting? Haha. You're so cute naman! xD Don't worry; we'll still *try* to restock kahit di makaabot sa quota. =)

  9. Toni-- 09277959141
    1 ko'd and 1 rabu-rabu :)
    Please let me know asap! Ive been looking all over for an eyemask.Gahd! Restock Please! :) Thank You! :) More power!

  10. I am. Thank you so much! >__

  11. Pam Reazon 09153095208 / 09214224030

    2 mamaw
    2 homicidal
    2 rabu-rabu
    2 boredom
    2 ulzzang

    tnx po! hope u can get more ^_^

  12. Jessica Pasawa 09272379195

    2 Ko'd, 1 blink, 1 cring and 1 raburabu

    I opened this album too late :(

  13. THIS SECTION IS CLOSED!!Follow-up journal to be posted soon. :)