May 31, 2009

Hamburger Phones this 1ST WEEK OF JUNE~!! :D

Now that all suppressed frustrations have finally been let out in the open, it's time to make appropriate announcements for this coming June.

The Hamburger Phones will be up for sale
this 1st week of June!

We're still undecided with the exact date because we're yet to finish the necessary designs for the packaging and freebies included in the product, but we're aiming to have them up this first week.

Now, as you may all know, this will be a VERY limited offer. Only 5 pieces are available, and only 5 different customers will be able to buy each. No multiple purchases, please! We want 5 different people to be the first 5 ones to obtain these ultra cute novelty phones in the country.

What if I buy 1 for myself and 1 for my friend/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc.? That is fine, but the other phone must be registered to your friend/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc.'s name and you should pay twice the amount of shipping because we can't have them occupy the same pouch.

How much for the phones? As mentioned in the previous journal, we've made extra payments unexpectedly when claiming the packages. Please do not be alarmed, people. We won't be charging you too much to cover the expenses made for VAT. Rare, imported and limited goods are already pricey without the tax, after all.

So how much exactly? We can't give you an exact amount right now. We still intend to keep our promise that the phones won't cost more than a thousand peso, but taking the actual value of the goods, the shipping fee, the packaging design and security, and our efforts in getting a hold of said items into account, the price will range from P800-P900+.

Don't you think that the phones cost too much that way? The exact hamburger phones that we are to offer you normally cost 35-50 USD online (1,645-2,351 PHP), minus the shipping fee via EMS or USPS and the subsequent customs duties tax WITH the much hated VAT. Think again.

Do you have a warranty? No, but our supplier does. If something happens with the phones, you can have us return the item, but all shipping and customs expenses are to be shouldered by YOU. We do not want any of you to experience that kind of economical pain, so we've made sure to inspect the phones thoroughly and even secured the packaging before shipping them to your house.

I hope we're able to give you a good deal out of these phones. We guarantee that the phones are very cute and durable, and they're ACTUAL phones - not toys. xD

For any more questions, feel free to ask away~!

Once again, the Hamburger Phones will be put on sale this 1st week of June!

Mailing list members will be informed earlier than normal customers.

Anyway, just stay tuned~!


Curls & Twirls

Rant: On Lawful Theft & Corruption

So the Hamburger Phones and Sushi USB's arrived on May 22, 2009.

Sadly, claiming the package wasn't exactly a pleasant encounter for any one of us.

And the ever loathsome VAT is the one responsible.

Stupid, stupid, stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid VAT.

Why the hell should we be charged for VAT when the goods were purchased OUTSIDE the country? Did it not even occur to those greedy officials that we buy items overseas to escape the overly high interest rate that they've been planting on domestically sold products that are already costly on their own?

Charging for processing fees when claiming your package is okay. Paying for document and BIR stamps can be quite understandable as well.

But VAT? That 12% extra charge from your TOTAL payment value?

Seriously. NO.

Especially when USB's and other electronic gadgets (minus mobile phones) are declared as FREE from customs tax as their tariff rates equal to 0%.

Declaring the package as a gift doesn't even make a difference to your expenses anymore. A GIFT, for Christ's sake. What's the essence of giving a gift when the recipient has to make unnecessary payments in order to get it?

With this, we at "Curls & Twirls" commend our government with an eager applause and cynical smiles. No matter what happens, they are still able to find ways to gain profit from everyone's OWN business.

Truly Angry,

Curls & Twirls

May 27, 2009

Chocophrenia: Simply Impeccable.

"Simply Impeccable"
Written By: Gen Medina

Apparently, my previous rendezvous with Ms. Miren's delightful revel bars was not enough to satisfy my 21 years worth of aching sweet tooth. Ironically, it further heightened my cravings for sugar! xD It was a total miscalculation on my part, but I'd be stupid to complain. Haha.

So it was May 20, 2009, exactly a day after I last tasted the revel bars. Once again, I found myself browsing through Multiply for a new batch of treats to indulge with. I clicked various links in a frenzy, and new tabs began to appear in my window one after the other. In a matter of minutes, my single Firefox window had been jammed with so many tabs that I was afraid my computer would hang and eventually die on me! The fact that it did not still amazes me up to now...

Anyway, the search for the perfect treat was unexpectedly challenging. Despite my grumbling stomach, nothing seemed to rouse my appetite. Even worse, I could feel myself losing all interest gradually. I closed the many tabs as fast as I opened them, and made a mental note to close the whole window after looking at the very last sweets shop. Truth be told, I was all set to retreat empty-handedly from my quest for that particular night.

And then, I came across Chocophrenia's Site.

Looking at the products, I was initially apathetic. "Too many chocolates!", I thought and cringed. But then, I saw her Deep Fried Oreo treats, and all other protests were quickly forgotten as I clicked the album.

I had to admit that I was curious of the taste, especially since they looked really alien to me. Also, there were many feedbacks about them being truly delicious, which really didn't help in making me decide NOT to order. So I did; I filled out the form (after making sure that delivery is allowed, of course), and since I was already placing an order, I figured I might as well try some of the other goodies offered to maximize the delivery expenses.

I ended up placing the largest order quantity out of everyone in the current line-up! So much for sample purchasing. xD

Coincidentally, Chocophrenia's Site is managed by Chimverlynn, the same girl behind The Secret Life of Online Shopping. I was really surprised upon discovering this, since Chim used to be a reseller of Curls and Twirls, and that despite our frequent exchange of PM's and text messages, she has never mentioned anything about owning a chocolate specialty store. I believe I was more than outspoken in telling her how delightful a surprise it was for me to come across her sweets shop, and that she's so talented. I sounded like a raving fangirl that time, but I couldn't help it. I see people with cooking/baking efficiency as people who someone such as myself should worship, because - hey, have I ever told you? - I'm a cooking disaster with a face. ^^

Anyway, my orders were originally set to be delivered on May 25, but Chim told me she could have them shipped on Friday if I wanted - which, of course, I did. I made a quick payment via G-Cash, and when the goodies were delivered to our house on the intended date, the timing could not be anything but perfect.

That Friday, I was stressed. I felt restless and more than irritated, and the temperature in my room didn't do anything to cool down my mood. I was on the phone with Cring, feeling my temper rising to another degree as I whine about PhilPost and their stupid customs. When our conversation had to be put on a temporary halt because she has yet to finish her lunch, I could only resort to watching TV to relax myself. There was a knock on the door before I heard it being opened, and in came my cousin's wife, Ate Rose, a big plastic containing a few boxes of chocolates in hand. It took me a brief moment to realize that those chocolates were actually MY much-awaited but momentarily forgotten goodies.

This time, I remembered to snap a few pictures of them with my phone before digging in.

Deep Fried Oreos. I went for them first, and on the first bite, I was hooked. The outer bread did a good job in preserving the natural flavor of everyone's favorite cookie, and the fact that they're not oily and greasy despite being deep-fried makes you relish the taste more. The bread itself is tasty; its faint buttery flavor goes really well with the sweetness of the Oreo cookies. I'm seriously thinking of topping them with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles the next time I order another batch. I have a feeling I'll love them so much more! xD

White Choco Flakes. Surprisingly, I got quite addicted with them. White chocolate has never been my favorite because its overly creamy taste tends to make me gag, but Chim's are different; the level of milk is just right. Partnered with a generous amount of not-too-sweet corn flakes, it's pretty much a given that they've become instant favorites of mine!

Assorted Choco Tops. I was only able to taste the brown top, and I'm not even certain if it's milk chocolate or dark chocolate. As expected, the rich flavor is present, but they're too sweet for my taste. I adored the mini marshmallows though. I gave the remaining pieces to my boyfriend's niece, the very pretty Sabel. She's also my "adopted daughter". Harhar.

Cookies n' Cream. I specifically ordered the batch of chocolates and brownies for my boyfriend, but of course, I couldn't resist to steal some for myself! ^^ Anyway, the flavor came out too strong for me that it even numbed my tongue for a while, so I guess this just proves I'm not cut out for too much chocolates. My boyfriend liked them though.

All in all, Chocophrenia's treats were worth every peso I paid for. Although some of them didn't click with my overly strict not-so-sweet sweets policy and the overall presentation is a bit sloppy and messy, it's undeniable that they were all made with love and care by a pair of really talented hands.

In addition, these delightful chocolates were successful in subduing my violent temper AND returning me to my usually chipper mood. Food, especially chocolates, do NOT have that kind of effect on me normally.

Keeping this in mind, I guess it's safe to say that Chocophrenia's chocolates are so good that they can counterattack even the most explosive of tempers!

Dare to believe?

Trust me; you won't regret it.


Note to self: Keep telling yourself you're not getting fat and that everything else simply happens to be shrinking. Maybe it will come true.

May 24, 2009

Best Desserts: Drooling on Revel Bars.


"Drooling on Revel Bars"
Written by: Gen Medina

I've never been a fan of cakes, and never in my 21 years of living have I gotten any real cravings for one either. Sweets are just too dayumm sweet for me (no pun intended)! Diet or not, I'd rather stuff myself with cheese more than anything - is what I've always believed.

However, all this changed about two weeks ago.

Had I been a bit more attentive about myself, I guess I would've seen it coming...

The last time I ate anything really sweet was 5 years ago, when I was still 17. And depriving myself from sugar for that long has finally made my system crack.

It was already past midnight when I felt that sudden and unexpected urge. There was nothing in the house that could satisfy my sweet tooth, so I resorted to searching online.

It was weird, really. All I could think of was sugar. Sweets. Pastries. Cakes. Chocolates.

After a few hours of browsing through so many shops, I finally came across Miren's Dessert Express. Everything in her gallery looked so damn delicious! Almost immediately, I opened all albums in new tabs and spent a good 15-30 minutes looking (and drooling) at each product. I could hear my stomach grumbling louder every time I'd jump from one album to another.

And when I saw her Gooey Revel Bars, my mind went blank for a split second. They looked so... so... divine! The soft-looking oatmeal crumbs, the dark brownie base, the luscious chocolate fudge oozing in between the layers... They were calling out to me, urging me to have a closer look at them and tempting me, torturing me, tormenting me...

And no, I refuse to believe I was already beyond sleepy that time that I got eerily delusional.

I signed the order form (including an instruction to make my revel bars less sweet,) and come morning, I received an e-mail from Ms. Miren about my orders. After confirming it, I sent the payment via G-Cash. Now, all I had to do was wait for 2 days until I could have my beloved revel bars...

I thought I'd be able to relax, but a day before the much awaited date, my cravings got stronger. I wanted sugar. I wanted nothing but sugar. I didn't realize how serious and insatiable my thirst for sugar was until I ate spaghetti for lunch, and on my first intake ended up vomiting not only the pasta, but my dinner from last night as well! My poor, poor, sugar-deprived stomach...

When Monday finally came, Ms. Miren texted me that the revel bars would be delivered after lunch. It was a bummer since I was getting ready to go to our supplier to fulfill some of our customers' special orders that time and wouldn't be back until late in the afternoon, but at least I had something to look forward to when I get home.

And then, a few minutes after our exchange of texts (in which Ms. Miren told me that the delivery would be a bit earlier since their delivery man turned out to have already left), the doorbell rang and I heard my mom call me. I was surprised that the revel bars arrived already! Wow, when she said "a bit earlier", I didn't expect that it would be THAT early! But who am I to complain?~

I didn't care if I ran downstairs and almost came tumbling down because of my rush, or if the delivery guy was looking at me weirdly when he handed me the heavenly box. When I came back to my room and glanced at the mirror, I finally saw the reason behind Kuya's odd gaze; I wasn't finished powdering up my face and that a big blotch of powder had actually clustered around my right eye, making me look like a peculiar specie of a panda. I thought it was okay to feel a bit sheepish about it, but then again, it was already too late. xD

So, I finally opened the box and shrieked in delight at the splendor of its content. And when I took my first bite, I could have sworn I heard a choir of angels singing.

"Is this love?", was my only thought that time.

I almost drowned from the creamy and rich flavors of the gooey chocolate fudge. The oatmeal and brownie base was moist and buttery. The others were right when they said Ms. Miren's revel bars were "to-die-for". They weren't exaggerating, as the revel bars were indeed THAT delicious. And the fact that Ms. Miren made mine with my specific instructions made my eating experience much more enjoyable!

Of course, I knew I still couldn't finish 15 bars alone no matter how delicious they are. I shared some with my mom, who also heartily approved with the taste and said the sugar amount is just right for the bars to be so yummy. Being an able cook herself, she holds high standards for others' cooking, so this really made me all the more giddy. My younger sister and younger brother couldn't get enough of the revel bars (and they ended up sneaking another round later that night!). My cousin and his wife didn't hold back in getting some for themselves as well. My younger sister's boyfriend was still as meek as ever when I gave him a piece, but I could have sworn I saw him almost drool upon his first bite! xD

And my boyfriend, my very own boyfriend... He's unusually pretty for a guy and I love him to death! But I had to literally punch him in the face to stop him from devouring the last few revel bars in the box. Teehee.

In the end, I ended up eating only 3 pieces. I was barely successful in saving 2 bars, which I hoped I could eat the following day, but my mom found it and pleaded I let her eat them. So what was I supposed to do? ^^;

When I first tasted the revel bars, I already knew that wouldn't be the last time Ms. Miren would hear of me. Now, packed with more moolah, I certainly didn't hold back on my next orders. And she was even kind enough to give me a little discount!

As I type this, I'm already looking forward for tomorrow, where I can have another taste of my beloved revel bars, as well as a few others too. This time, I'll be sharing them with my pals, Cring and Ate Mooch (of Curls & Twirls), and my boyfriend again (lucky him!). Hopefully, their stomachs won't be as monstrous as my relatives'. Harhar.

So there! I normally don't blog about my online buys, but this one is worth every word and punctuation mark. Thank you, Best Desserts!


Note to self: Prepare the stationary bike. NOW!

May 16, 2009

A new kind of phone: JUNO-style! :D

Remember the lovely Hamburger phone in Juno?

Thinking of having a little funny gadget in your house?

Getting bored of traditional telephone system?

Needing a present for your kids?

Here is a great gift for you!

Vivid Hamburger Shape Telephone Phone from Movie Juno!

It is so realistic; your guests might just pick and eat it!

Coming soon on Curls & Twirls!

Sushi [USB], anyone? :3

You don't need to go to Japan to get a hold of these incredibly unique USB drives.


Because "Curls & Twirls" will be featuring them in their humble shop reaaaaaaaaaaal soon!

Guaranteed high quality and with topnotch designs and details. Buy them at a very low price and with freebies included!

Look forward to it, guys!

Because we are~~


Curls & Twirls

May 2, 2009

Happy Twin Birthday to C&T's Gen & Cring!! ^__^

Two of the girls behind "Curls & Twirls" share the same birthday, and it's TODAY!!

Gen = May 2, 1988 (21 y/o)
Cring = May 2, 1987 (22 y/o)

Come and celebrate with us!

For every 500 PHP worth of purchase, get a pair of mismatched earrings of your choice for FREE!! ^___^

New stuff will be uploaded some time today (or tomorrow), which we're sure you'll absolutely love! Updates will also be made on our rules, terms, FAQ and freebies albums.

Stay tuned!!


Curls & Twirls