May 31, 2009

Rant: On Lawful Theft & Corruption

So the Hamburger Phones and Sushi USB's arrived on May 22, 2009.

Sadly, claiming the package wasn't exactly a pleasant encounter for any one of us.

And the ever loathsome VAT is the one responsible.

Stupid, stupid, stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid VAT.

Why the hell should we be charged for VAT when the goods were purchased OUTSIDE the country? Did it not even occur to those greedy officials that we buy items overseas to escape the overly high interest rate that they've been planting on domestically sold products that are already costly on their own?

Charging for processing fees when claiming your package is okay. Paying for document and BIR stamps can be quite understandable as well.

But VAT? That 12% extra charge from your TOTAL payment value?

Seriously. NO.

Especially when USB's and other electronic gadgets (minus mobile phones) are declared as FREE from customs tax as their tariff rates equal to 0%.

Declaring the package as a gift doesn't even make a difference to your expenses anymore. A GIFT, for Christ's sake. What's the essence of giving a gift when the recipient has to make unnecessary payments in order to get it?

With this, we at "Curls & Twirls" commend our government with an eager applause and cynical smiles. No matter what happens, they are still able to find ways to gain profit from everyone's OWN business.

Truly Angry,

Curls & Twirls


  1. sobra naman yan... :(
    kwawa nga ung mga pre-order shops d2 sa multiply eh, whenever they purchased the goods outside the country, they have to pay extra pa. so they have to ask for extra payment pa sa buyers... tsk tsk sad.. :(

  2. anu ba naman tong government natin?
    sus, ang dami na nilang pera na nakuha satin?!
    madami na ang taong naghihirap. kung
    sana ginagastos nila sa maganda yung VAT eh di sana

  3. Hmm... Hindi ko alam kung ganun din ang case sa kanila e. Para kasing hindi, pero I'm not sure.

    Pinakamalaking singil ng tariff is yung sa clothes and bags. 15% ata ng total declared value. Depende pa yun sa material.

    Yung samen nga, mejo nahihiwagaan pa rin ako. Pero ang maganda dun, yung bayad naman is actually a lot less than the supposed fee. Naka-save kame ng halos P1K din. ^^

  4. Haha... Sinabi mo pa, Sis! xD

    No use din naman na magfile ng complaint kasi sa kanila rin naman finoforward yan. Nakakainis kasi kahit sa international transactions na dapat hindi na applicable and tax nila kasi outside the country na, nilalagyan pa nila ng VAT. 12% pa ng total declared value, and hindi pa kasama yung customs duties tax fees. Wala na nga silang paki dapat dun, nakikisawsaw pa rin sa kikitain mo. :(

  5. Hi, how much for the sushi usb? thanks

  6. When will the sushi usb be released??? thanks

  7. Pilipinas talaga. Kung tutuusin dapat mayaman na ang Pillipinas dahil sa VAT na yan eh. Pero wala pa rin. Tsk.

    (Kailan nga pala release nung Sushi USB? Hahaha.)