May 24, 2009

Best Desserts: Drooling on Revel Bars.


"Drooling on Revel Bars"
Written by: Gen Medina

I've never been a fan of cakes, and never in my 21 years of living have I gotten any real cravings for one either. Sweets are just too dayumm sweet for me (no pun intended)! Diet or not, I'd rather stuff myself with cheese more than anything - is what I've always believed.

However, all this changed about two weeks ago.

Had I been a bit more attentive about myself, I guess I would've seen it coming...

The last time I ate anything really sweet was 5 years ago, when I was still 17. And depriving myself from sugar for that long has finally made my system crack.

It was already past midnight when I felt that sudden and unexpected urge. There was nothing in the house that could satisfy my sweet tooth, so I resorted to searching online.

It was weird, really. All I could think of was sugar. Sweets. Pastries. Cakes. Chocolates.

After a few hours of browsing through so many shops, I finally came across Miren's Dessert Express. Everything in her gallery looked so damn delicious! Almost immediately, I opened all albums in new tabs and spent a good 15-30 minutes looking (and drooling) at each product. I could hear my stomach grumbling louder every time I'd jump from one album to another.

And when I saw her Gooey Revel Bars, my mind went blank for a split second. They looked so... so... divine! The soft-looking oatmeal crumbs, the dark brownie base, the luscious chocolate fudge oozing in between the layers... They were calling out to me, urging me to have a closer look at them and tempting me, torturing me, tormenting me...

And no, I refuse to believe I was already beyond sleepy that time that I got eerily delusional.

I signed the order form (including an instruction to make my revel bars less sweet,) and come morning, I received an e-mail from Ms. Miren about my orders. After confirming it, I sent the payment via G-Cash. Now, all I had to do was wait for 2 days until I could have my beloved revel bars...

I thought I'd be able to relax, but a day before the much awaited date, my cravings got stronger. I wanted sugar. I wanted nothing but sugar. I didn't realize how serious and insatiable my thirst for sugar was until I ate spaghetti for lunch, and on my first intake ended up vomiting not only the pasta, but my dinner from last night as well! My poor, poor, sugar-deprived stomach...

When Monday finally came, Ms. Miren texted me that the revel bars would be delivered after lunch. It was a bummer since I was getting ready to go to our supplier to fulfill some of our customers' special orders that time and wouldn't be back until late in the afternoon, but at least I had something to look forward to when I get home.

And then, a few minutes after our exchange of texts (in which Ms. Miren told me that the delivery would be a bit earlier since their delivery man turned out to have already left), the doorbell rang and I heard my mom call me. I was surprised that the revel bars arrived already! Wow, when she said "a bit earlier", I didn't expect that it would be THAT early! But who am I to complain?~

I didn't care if I ran downstairs and almost came tumbling down because of my rush, or if the delivery guy was looking at me weirdly when he handed me the heavenly box. When I came back to my room and glanced at the mirror, I finally saw the reason behind Kuya's odd gaze; I wasn't finished powdering up my face and that a big blotch of powder had actually clustered around my right eye, making me look like a peculiar specie of a panda. I thought it was okay to feel a bit sheepish about it, but then again, it was already too late. xD

So, I finally opened the box and shrieked in delight at the splendor of its content. And when I took my first bite, I could have sworn I heard a choir of angels singing.

"Is this love?", was my only thought that time.

I almost drowned from the creamy and rich flavors of the gooey chocolate fudge. The oatmeal and brownie base was moist and buttery. The others were right when they said Ms. Miren's revel bars were "to-die-for". They weren't exaggerating, as the revel bars were indeed THAT delicious. And the fact that Ms. Miren made mine with my specific instructions made my eating experience much more enjoyable!

Of course, I knew I still couldn't finish 15 bars alone no matter how delicious they are. I shared some with my mom, who also heartily approved with the taste and said the sugar amount is just right for the bars to be so yummy. Being an able cook herself, she holds high standards for others' cooking, so this really made me all the more giddy. My younger sister and younger brother couldn't get enough of the revel bars (and they ended up sneaking another round later that night!). My cousin and his wife didn't hold back in getting some for themselves as well. My younger sister's boyfriend was still as meek as ever when I gave him a piece, but I could have sworn I saw him almost drool upon his first bite! xD

And my boyfriend, my very own boyfriend... He's unusually pretty for a guy and I love him to death! But I had to literally punch him in the face to stop him from devouring the last few revel bars in the box. Teehee.

In the end, I ended up eating only 3 pieces. I was barely successful in saving 2 bars, which I hoped I could eat the following day, but my mom found it and pleaded I let her eat them. So what was I supposed to do? ^^;

When I first tasted the revel bars, I already knew that wouldn't be the last time Ms. Miren would hear of me. Now, packed with more moolah, I certainly didn't hold back on my next orders. And she was even kind enough to give me a little discount!

As I type this, I'm already looking forward for tomorrow, where I can have another taste of my beloved revel bars, as well as a few others too. This time, I'll be sharing them with my pals, Cring and Ate Mooch (of Curls & Twirls), and my boyfriend again (lucky him!). Hopefully, their stomachs won't be as monstrous as my relatives'. Harhar.

So there! I normally don't blog about my online buys, but this one is worth every word and punctuation mark. Thank you, Best Desserts!


Note to self: Prepare the stationary bike. NOW!


  1. Gen, i luuuurve your blog!!!!! so cute. your story is so detailed and a lot of fun to read!!

  2. Hihi... Thanks, Sis! I meant every word! ;)

    Keep baking! You're making a lot of people happy with your goodies! ^___^