May 31, 2009

Hamburger Phones this 1ST WEEK OF JUNE~!! :D

Now that all suppressed frustrations have finally been let out in the open, it's time to make appropriate announcements for this coming June.

The Hamburger Phones will be up for sale
this 1st week of June!

We're still undecided with the exact date because we're yet to finish the necessary designs for the packaging and freebies included in the product, but we're aiming to have them up this first week.

Now, as you may all know, this will be a VERY limited offer. Only 5 pieces are available, and only 5 different customers will be able to buy each. No multiple purchases, please! We want 5 different people to be the first 5 ones to obtain these ultra cute novelty phones in the country.

What if I buy 1 for myself and 1 for my friend/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc.? That is fine, but the other phone must be registered to your friend/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc.'s name and you should pay twice the amount of shipping because we can't have them occupy the same pouch.

How much for the phones? As mentioned in the previous journal, we've made extra payments unexpectedly when claiming the packages. Please do not be alarmed, people. We won't be charging you too much to cover the expenses made for VAT. Rare, imported and limited goods are already pricey without the tax, after all.

So how much exactly? We can't give you an exact amount right now. We still intend to keep our promise that the phones won't cost more than a thousand peso, but taking the actual value of the goods, the shipping fee, the packaging design and security, and our efforts in getting a hold of said items into account, the price will range from P800-P900+.

Don't you think that the phones cost too much that way? The exact hamburger phones that we are to offer you normally cost 35-50 USD online (1,645-2,351 PHP), minus the shipping fee via EMS or USPS and the subsequent customs duties tax WITH the much hated VAT. Think again.

Do you have a warranty? No, but our supplier does. If something happens with the phones, you can have us return the item, but all shipping and customs expenses are to be shouldered by YOU. We do not want any of you to experience that kind of economical pain, so we've made sure to inspect the phones thoroughly and even secured the packaging before shipping them to your house.

I hope we're able to give you a good deal out of these phones. We guarantee that the phones are very cute and durable, and they're ACTUAL phones - not toys. xD

For any more questions, feel free to ask away~!

Once again, the Hamburger Phones will be put on sale this 1st week of June!

Mailing list members will be informed earlier than normal customers.

Anyway, just stay tuned~!


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