June 8, 2009

JUNE Updates! On Sales & Shipping Delays.

Another month, another set of updates from "Curls & Twirls"...

June won't be June without the sporadic showers from above, be it feathery drizzle or heavy downpours; thus, we have decided to reprice our Princess Umbrellas. We can't have you walking through the rain without looking as hip and fashionable as you are on sunny days, can we~? :D

Effective today, the Princess Umbrellas will be on special
"Downpour Sale" for 380 PHP only!!

That's 70 PHP off the original price we have, and a freakin' 140 PHP less than the normal selling price! Don't you dare miss this opportunity! Grab one NOW! We know you want it~ ;)

Last month, we've experienced a few problems with Air21's shipping service. Their system seems to be going droopy on us, and we can't have that, especially with the huge batch of packages we surrender to them on shipping days. Some arrived late, while some were even delivered to the wrong docks! Whoever encodes the addresses and ZIP codes is seriously a few braincells short. And although it's waaaaaaay beyond our control anymore, we still can't help but feel responsible.

We deeply apologize to our beloved clients who had (and will have) their packages delivered late to them. It's understandable that a portion of your frustration is directed to us when such cases occur, but please do not berate us for their shortcomings. We ship your orders on time, and inform you quickly if ever there will be delays. We extend our services to you even after we submit your packages to Air21, which supposedly indicates the end of our transaction. We wait with you, check the tracking number online for you, call the customer service for you, and when the package finally arrives, we feel as relieved as you do.

Not all online shops have enough time in their hands to assist you like that, especially after payments and deliveries are made. Of course, this does not refer to "Curls & Twirls" alone, as there are still a good number of stores out there with excellent service quality as well. So learn to give love; not hate.

With this in mind, we are now making some changes on our shipping details. Make sure to check it out when the journal is posted some time today~!

Thank you! <3


Curls & Twirls

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