June 30, 2009

July Updates. Oh, joy~!

Hi, people!

Really, time flies by so fast when you're enjoying your (shopping) life, and now, we find ourselves entering another month.


Just the thought of it brings smiles to our faces, for this particular month marks a very significant date in our calendar:

Come the 3rd, "Curls & Twirls" is officially half a year old! xD

We wish we can conduct some sort of mid-year sale to celebrate this wonderful event, but we haven't had much time to make any preparations, as we've been quite busy working on fresh innovations regarding some of our products.

Also, the Sushi USB's will be up for sale this month, so one can only guess how stressful the situation has been for us. Since the first week of June, we've been scampering around like possessed, caffeine-induced maniacs just to find the necessary materials that would complete each USB's ensemble and make the whole package perfect upon presentation. It's undoubtedly a tough job, but we were able to survive so far - sanity and all still intact. Hopefully, we can finalize everything this week. Please pray for us! ^^

Oh, and before you ask another set of questions regarding this, please note that a separate journal and FAQ about the Sushi USB's will be posted soon, so look forward to it!

Moving on, we will now be making some announcements regarding our system. Yes, we made changes once again, but do not roll your eyes in annoyance just yet. These new updates are not meant to confuse our beloved patrons, but to simply make our lives easier and more convenient.

...Are your eyes back in place? If so, then let us begin!

(Effective July 01, 2009)

1. RESERVATIONS ARE NOW GOOD FOR 5 DAYS ONLY. Waiting in line for something whose fate you cannot determine until a week later has proven to be very excruciating to both seller and buyer. Most of our products are limited in stocks, so when a particular item is reserved to a buyer, it will be unavailable to others for a specific duration of time. One week is a lengthy period, don't you think? Of course, customers would not wait, especially since the "RESERVED = SOLD" rule has already been pretty much established in every online shop in existance; rather, they would just settle to the next best - available - thing their eyes have laid on. It's not so bad, really - until a week later, the reserver decides that he/she didn't want to pay for whatever item they had you save for him/her, and you find yourself sighing forlornly and bowing your head in defeat. Yes, we've had our fair shares of these so-called "Joy Reservers", but we're not about to appease anyone's curiosity by making their identities known. Some were sincere enough to apologize, while some others would just turn invisible and act like they didn't waste a week of your time, but the bottomline remains unchanged - you lost not only one (the reserver), but two (the next buyer) or more (other prospective buyers) customers for that previously reserved item. Then, you would have to erase the "RESERVED" label next to its name (which could be quite embarrassing) and wait once again for another possible buyer, no matter how long it takes. See what being more than considerate can do to you? In our case, we're done with being pushovers. Come July 2009, 5 days is all we will be giving for reservations. Our trinkets are less than a hundred peso in price, and fair discounts are given for bulk orders - how much time does one need to make a payment for those? But we're not tyrants or money monsters, so don't be afraid to contact us in case you have any concerns.

2. CHEAPER RATES FOR XEND EXPRESS. Reading last month's journal made us realize that we've been pretty stupid in regards to our flat rates. What's the point of reinstating Xend to our list of preferred couriers if the price is the same as Air21's? People choose Xend for a common and shared reason, and that is because their rates are relatively the cheapest around. Thus, after much deliberation, we've decided that a fixed price of P50 will be charged for packages shipped via Xend Express (Metro Manila only). We do not want our clients to pay too much for "handling services" anymore; we would gladly do that for free anyway.

3. NO MORE BIRTHDAY PROMO FOR ML SUBSCRIBERS. Too many (stingy) people have been abusing this kind of privilege, and would even go through great lengths to avail more than the declared discount just because it's his/her "birthday". A very traumatic experience on our part, but we refuse to tell more. Ranting about it would be too time-consuming anyway, and the memories would only set off my temper again, so let's all just nod our heads in approval and understanding. From now on, the mailing list shall have a sole purpose - to update all subscribers regarding important announcements and new uploads.

That will be all for now. As usual, ask away if you have any concerns~!

Thank you! <3


Curls & Twirls

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