June 16, 2009

Best Desserts: Still Drooling...

"Still Drooling..."
Written By: Gen Medina

Yup, the same revel bars - and a few other goodies to rave about.

...What? Do you honestly think I wouldn't go back for more?! xD

A good 3 weeks have already passed since that blissful moment, but I can still remember how delicious everything tasted.

May 25, 2009. The moment I stepped out of PhilPost's customs office, the two heavy boxes of freshly imported hamburger phones and sushi USB drives in hand, I could see relief wash over my friends' faces. They cheered and celebrated (we were stupid enough to worry  that the customs people would think that our purchases were smuggled - don't ask), but I was long done with that phase when I was paying for the tax charges. That time, I was already looking forward to the next GOOD thing - claiming the new batch of sweets I've ordered from Best Desserts! :9

We rented a cab so we could get to the meet-up place faster. My boyfriend, Une, was sitting idly and silently on the front - probably traumatized, as he was the lucky guy who had to endure my endless beatings from my frustrations and nervous attacks earlier, Ate Mooch was complaining about bodily functions, and Cring and I were talking about Ms. Miren and her goodies. We recalled the conversation we had over the phone last night, that when we claim our orders, depending on the result of our trip to PhilPost, the batch of yummy desserts could either serve as our celebratory treats or comfort foods. Thankfully, it was the former. Teehee.

I texted Ms. Miren that we were on our way, and when she replied that she made me 2 free cupcakes to try out, I couldn't contain the instant burst of joy I felt - I just had to squeal in delight! I was super ecstatic, and I thanked her enthusiastically. It was like Ms. Miren was psychic, that she could sense our need to celebrate from our successful journey to Philpost.

The cab dropped us off in Vito Cruz, where we headed straight to the newly opened Tokyo Tokyo across DLSU. It was already 3:00 PM that time, and none of us had eaten lunch yet. Being the vegetable that I am, I didn't have enough calcium in my body to stand up straight anymore, so I begged Ate Mooch to claim the desserts in my stead. She was kind enough to submit - I love you, Ate! ^__^ -, and I nudged Une to go with her. Yes, I was still so pushy, but see, my vegetative state is only limited to my body; my mouth is a different entity in itself.

It did not take them long to return, and when I saw them enter the restaurant with a plastic bag in each hand, it was only then when I realized that I actually ordered too many! Cring went "Wooooow!" like a child opening a really huge present, and even Ate Mooch was grinning madly, her thoughts about bowel malfunctions seemingly forgotten. Before settling themselves on their seats, she handed me a small box and said that it was for me. "The cupcakes!", I practically yelled. My kilig level quicky sky-rocketed when I saw that Ms. Miren even put fondant "G" toppers on them. Really, I was touched! She was so nice, and all I could think of that time was how fortunate I was to have come across Best Desserts. Not only do they make one of the most delicious indulgences, they offer the friendliest service around!

Anyway, it was already close to 5:00 PM when we got back to Cring and Ate Mooch's house, where the much awaited event for that particular day finally took place. Carefully opening the lids of each box, our eyes glittered as if we were staring at gold.

Chocolate Double Creamcheese Squares. With so many good feedbacks on its name and the fact that I'm a big cheese maniac, it's only understandable that I'd get very much intrigued with them. We each took a piece, and for a moment, there was only silence. "Nakakakiliti!", was Cring's instant reaction. I wasn't really sure what she meant by that at first, but eventually, I've come to relate with her. It's that tingling feeling you get when you eat a slice of Oreo cheesecake; the taste of Oreo (or chocolate) and (cream)cheese is neither apparent on their own, but mixed together in your mouth, the taste is very becoming. Good thing I'm a big fan of cheesecakes! ^^

Fudgey Merengue. A recently added creation to Ms. Miren's product list that time, of course I'd like to be one of the first customers who would make an order! xD Its chocolate-y scent was very inviting, so I didn't waste any more time digging in, but before I could even get to chewing the piece, it just seems to dissolve! Then again, that's what all normal merengue does, right? They melt in your mouth before your teeth could graze on them, but these actual goodies would leave a small puddle of chocolate for you to swallow and savor its sinful taste until it gradually disappears in your mouth. My boyfriend liked them so much that he took home the remaining pieces! Too bad his niece ate them all when he was sleeping.

Banana Muffins with White Chocolate & Walnuts. Honestly, their appearance scared us a little. Cring and Ate Mooch's mom, Tita Nora, even mistook the small banana slice on each muffin as tongues! But hey, the muffins are Best Desserts-branded, so they had to be delicious (and edible!), right? So I took a piece and went for my first bite, making sure to target the tongue-like banana slice so it would finally stop creeping me out. Munch, munch, munch... It was a banana muffin, alright - only better! I'm used to eating banana bread with walnuts, but what made this particular lot a winner in my list was the dash of white choco chips included in the bread. All in all, the muffins were a pleasing treat - not too sweet (which I like), but VERY yummy (which I like MORE) and healthy (which I like MOST)!

Gooey Revel Bars. I believe I've already raved much more than necessary regarding these heavenly bars. They're my one true love! Need I say more? :3

Chocolate Cupcakes with Fudge Frosting and Edible Fondant Toppers. This was really a very delightful surprise from Ms. Miren. She's like a very thoughful and caring older sister, who is as sweet as the desserts she's making. Rarely do I find talented bakers like her who would be willing to treat their customers that way, so I truly commend her amiable personality. The cupcakes are downright delicious, as expected. The fudge frosting tasted like dark chocolates (my absolute favorite), and it went perfectly with the cupcake. They blend in your mouth, producing one solid taste - bittersweet creaminess. Believe it or not, I've never eaten any real cupcakes before (besides Kraft's desserts and lemon bars), so I'm really happy that the first one I've ever eaten was THAT yummy (and special!). It should also be noted that these cupcakes, for reasons I refuse to expound publicly, cheered me up BIG. TIME.

And just like that, I fell in love. I'm sure the same goes for my boyfriend and partners too!

All hail Best Desserts! 


Note to self: Whatever happens, love your body - it's the only one you've got!


  1. wow! you ordered that many?hehehe. ms miren's desserts are the best talaga! hehe

  2. Upu... Haha... Major sugar cravings! xD