June 9, 2009

New Shipping Details.

NO! No! It's not my fault that I didn't post the promised announcement regarding the new shipping details yesterday. The day just went by too fast! And before the thought fully registered in my mind, it's already Tuesday. T___T"

(Effective June 10, 2009)

1. SCHEDULE. Shipping every other day has finally become a stressful task for us, especially now that college is over and our time together has comparatively diminished because of the other commitments we are compelled to do. Yes, we are still managing the shop as one - Ate Mooch is still able to squeeze in a few meet-ups to her work, Cring retouches the items that need a few repairs before putting them up for sale, while I am left with transacting with the clients, processing their orders and packing them one by one. ALONE. That explains why a good number of our packages are shipped past the schedules we have formerly specified. I apologize for that, but please understand that we take great pride in the way we pack our products, and we refuse to look for alternatives. Effective immediately, there will be no more fixed delivery schedules. Upon confirmation of your complete payments, please allow us a maximum of 2 business days before we ship your items. This way, processing and packaging them will not be too stressful anymore, and we will be even able to make a much better quality control of the items. Tracking numbers will be sent to your mobile phones soon after, and if there will be any delays, trust that you will be informed promptly. Upon request, snapshots of your orders prior to shipping will be posted here for your assurance.

2. COURIERS. Our customers will now be given the privilege to choose which courier they would prefer to handle their packages. In view of Air21's sloppy deliveries lately, we have decided to rely on 2GO's elite service quality and reinstate Xend Express.

  • 2GO Express. Their rates are notably more expensive than most couriers, but we've selected them for a reason - much like other online shops. First, they have the most updated online tracking site out there - you don't need to wait a day before your tracking number is validated. Second, they offer same-day deliveries. Third, their pouches are pink - perfect for "Curls & Twirls"! xD But above all, they do not have any history of losing any packages they hold for shipping. Provincial buyers should definitely take note of this. If you want to have your orders be genuinely secured AND have the money to shoulder the expenses, choose 2GO. It's worth it anyway.
  • Xend Express (for Metro Manila only). We've had problems with their pick-ups before. Either Cring and Ate Mooch's house is invisible to the naked eyes or the pick-up guy is simply directionally-challenged. We choose the latter, because the house. Is. Just. RIGHT. Over. THERE. How they would continue to pass by it and tell us over the phone afterwards that there was no one home to surrender the packages still bewilders us, and yet, after vowing that we would avoid Xend like a plague based from the horrible experiences we've had, in the end, we humbly return - like the prodigal son - er, daughters. Why, you ask? For one thing, their shipping charges are arguably the cheapest around, and we know most buyers would prefer them despite everything because they do not like to pay too much for "additional costs". More importantly, the packages will be picked up from a different address, and this time, hopefully, they can find it.
*** Why not use LBC?
LBC's rates are expensive, but frankly, uncalled for. Have you seen the way they handle your packages? Normally, upon handing out your package, the person behind the counter would simply put it in a pouch, seal it, insert the waybill receipt to the attached plastic and place it in a basket along with the other packages. However, the person behind LBC's counter would feel up the package by juggling it in his hands, hurl it rushly to the counter before him, feel it up some more - by then, you could already see creases on your delicately wrapped package - before inserting it in the pouch. After sealing it, he would flip it over, put the address sticker, give the poor package one last look before tossing its battered figure to the basket. On our case, he even missed the basket and it landed roughly on the floor; he had to call his co-worker to pick it up and put it in the basket for him. We could only stare dumbfoundedly at what happened, and when he charged us P130 for a small pouch, weighing so much less than 0.5 kg - they're rubber-made flower rings, for Pete's sake! -, no declared value, and bound to Muntinlupa ONLY, we realized that if such brutality is already evident over the counter, how much more if the packages were delivered to the cargo house? Surely, LBC's handling service sucks so bad that charging for it will only be waaaaay immoral, but they DO seem to charge for their workers' juggling, throwing, tossing and flaring knacks - A.K.A. "talent fees". Now, THAT explains a whole lot.

3. RATES. Flat shipping rates will still be implemented for each destination group, regardless if you've chosen Air21 or Xend Express. Evidently, we charge based on Air21's rates, and although Xend is relatively cheaper by a few peso coins, it should be noted that we cover packages with tight bubble wraps for added security (apart from the usual packaging) before putting them to Xend pouches. Consider it as an extra insurance and packaging fee, if you may.

Effective June 9, 2009, the flat shipping rates via Air21 and Xend Express (Metro Manila only) will be as follows:

Metro Manila - P70
Luzon - P100
Visayas - P110
Mindanao - P130

Please note that these rates are for ONE POUCH ONLY. If ever your orders will not fit in a single pouch and will therefore have to procure another, you are obliged to pay the same amount as the standard fee, doubling your charge.

In the past few months, we have been shouldering the additional fees for such conditions, but it has become a major expense that we inevitably need to cut out.

There have also been orders that require boxes in order to be delivered. In this case, kindly PM/SMS us for the availability and price.

For 2GO Express, the shipping costs will be based on the size of your package and your delivery address. For an estimation of your rates, kindly refer to this page.

Feel free to post questions here, if you have any.

Thank you! <3


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  1. This is the best shipping details I have ever read so far.. I even read them word for word (YES! I rarely do that. hehehe...) It's like reading Icha, Icha Tactics (The book Kakashi read in Naruto Series) where you could not wait what would happen next. Boy... er... Girl, you are good with words.

  2. This is a nice info sis. goodluck to us. AJA! ^_^