July 11, 2009

Oh, Gadd... New Changes Again?? xD

Yup, you read it! xD

We really hope you're not getting sick of this. If you are, we're deeply sorry, but we just want everything to be fair between us, you know?

We're not swindlers, and taking advantage of our beloved customers is never a ploy for us - that we can assure you.

So here goes~

(Effective July 13, 2009)

1. 60 PhP FOR XEND, 80 PhP FOR AIR21 (MM ONLY!). It's unfortunate, but we cannot shoulder the packaging and handling fees anymore (we wanted to, but our pockets have proven to be incapable of doing so). Looking at the Package Nursery, anyone can tell that we put so much effort into packing every orders from our clients. We need to cover the expenses somehow, so we hope that you can tolerate the additional 10 PhP to the shipping rates. We refuse to settle for anything less in regards to our shop's packaging quality, so please bear with us.

2. MORE MEET-UP PLACES! Because people keep on asking for it, and we're bound to give in - especially now that my boyfriend's working hours have changed for the better and he finally!!! has the time WE need to squeeze in a few meet-ups here and there. Starting this Monday (July 13, 2009), Market! Market!, Greenbelt, and The Fort will now be accessible for meet-ups. The same rules (by appointments) and handling fees (50 PhP) apply. However, it should be noted that Une is a very punctual boy (who looks like a girl), so tardiness is unacceptable. To familiarize yourself with his (pretty) face, go here.

I think that will be all for now. A separate journal for the Pre-loved Collection and the Sushi USB's will be posted some time soon, so please stay tuned!

And if you want to receive special updates and be informed BEFORE we actually post additions to our gallery of goodies (and what they are), feel free to join our newsletter by going here!


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