July 23, 2009

Rant: Sushi Crisis.

As you may all have noticed, July is almost over and we still haven't put up the Sushi USB's yet.

Yes, we backed out on our promise.

NO, we absolutely did NOT mean to do that.

Please don't kill us just yet.

See? See?? We're working on it!

And sadly, we still ARE.

The USB's were delivered to us as mere units (meaning, no proper packaging), and since the time we claimed them from Customs, we've been working diligently to repair any damages to them caused by the rough delivery, as well as revamping their already cute appearances to make them even more eye-catching. If you've taken a look at the first picture above, you'll get the point. Although it's not finalized yet, it's already pretty much obvious, right?

We're making them Sushi USB pendants, people. Savvy, yes~?

Another problem we're currently facing is that the USB caps weren't included in the delivery. We're not sure if it was a mistake on our part that we haven't been thorough with the negotiations to the greatest extent, or that the suppliers were high or spaced out when they were talking to us, but for sanity's sake, we've agreed to not think about it anymore.

The point is, we REFUSE to present our customers with Sushi USB's that have no caps. We've worked too hard on them to have them offered with a missing component. Of course, we want our efforts to be rewarded, and for that to be granted, we shall only sell the USB's in their best condition and nothing less than that.

Now, how do we do that?

CD-r King's customer service crew has recently suffered Gen's wrath with their unprofessional and very unethical way of attending to one's inquiries - a quality she utterly despises when making negotiations with a "well-established company" (or so they claimed). We wanted to acquire the USB caps as painless as possible, but they've only wasted a month's worth of our time. Because of that, the people behind "Curls & Twirls" have opted to make the much needed covers themselves.

That's not scary. Stop it.

However, it has been 4 years already since we've last made anything from wax, silicon rubber, latex and resin, so do give us time. If things go smoothly for us, the production shouldn't take THAT long.

And hopefully, the Sushi USB's will finally be available around the 1st or 2nd week of August.

Let's all cross our fingers and pray!

By the way, the USB's have a capacity of 1 GB (before anyone asks again). xD All details regarding them shall be discussed in a separate journal that will be posted by the end of this month, so please look forward to it.

Thank you!


Curls & Twirls


  1. ok lang yan. i'm sure maiintindihan naman ng customers niyo kung bakit na-delay yung "debut" ng sushi usb. haha:) i think they'd prefer na late niyo ibenta para 200% ma-exceed ang expectations nila:)

    as for cd-r king, HAINAKO. i hate that establishment. gusto ko na sabunutan lahat ng tao na nagttrabaho dun eh. they don't know the meaning of customer service. dapat mag-undergo ng training lahat ng employees nila. aabutin ka ng 1 hour bago ka makabili ng 1 CD. minsan pa, dinadaan-daanan ka lang nila. grr.

    whew. na-carried away ako, sorry. haha:) anyway, goodluck sa sushi usb's!:) feeling ko, sold out agad yan kapag na-post niyo na:)

  2. ah...that's the reason why...
    well, im hoping that it will be smooth sailing...:D
    and looking forward to those usbs!!! hehehe!!
    good luck!♥

  3. definitely will be waiting for the sushi USBs :-bd

  4. we understand the situation... :) will still be waiting for the USBs... :)