August 15, 2009


Finally!! After months and months of anticipation...

The Sushi USB Sets will be up for sale NEXT Saturday!!

As I've ranted earlier on, the preparations have been a complete pain, and we almost gave up. Who would go through such great lengths for a limitedly offered, never-before-seen-in-the-Philippines Sushi USB anyway? But our fighting spirits have proven to be too strong, and we couldn't resist our unwavering drive. And so, after weeks of torturous labor, we worked our asses off, and finally pulled through!

Right now, we're so excited to put them on the market, but we still need to do the photoshoot and some other groundworks concerning the album layouts and packaging designs. Don't worry though; we won't keep you waiting any longer. We intend to finalize everything come August 22, 2009, so please look forward to it~! 

For now, let's discuss a bit more about these delightful USB's, shall we?

The Sushi USB drives were ordered internationally and will be offered much like the same way as the Juno Hamburger Phones. Quite limited in quantity, as there are only 2 designs available with 10 stocks each, these flash drives are manually made by very talented hands - they're NOT factory-produced, as believed by many. They were initially mere units with a capacity of 1.0 GB, which we thought wouldn't be enough to rouse the people's interest (despite them being a VERY unique USB already). And so, we made a plan - to sell them not as a simple unit, but as a USB set. Take a look at this journal entry to get our drift, will you?

A 2-in-1 treat. Isn't that nice? A rare and unique Sushi USB that you can also hang around your neck as a fab accessory! Each USB comes with a cute mini pen for every student's or employee's convenience (you DO need a handy pen, don't you?), a posh-looking string or lanyard, an incredibly cute and exclusively designed packaging (as seen in the picture above), and never-before-seen freebies! Great deals and promos await all twenty (20) prospective buyers and---oh, wait! >__<

I DID mention that these USB drives have not yet been released in the Philippines, right? THAT, I'm sure, is a REAL honor and privilege in itself.

How much for each USB? As mentioned in one of our past rants, we've made extra payments unexpectedly when claiming the packages. Please do not be alarmed, people. We won't be charging you too much to cover the expenses made for VAT. Rare, imported and limited goods are already pricey without the tax, after all.

So how much exactly? We can't give you an exact amount right now. We still intend to keep our promise that the USB's won't cost more than a thousand peso, but taking the actual value of the goods, the shipping fee, the packaging design and security, the excruciating  labor we've done in molding the caps from raw materials and redesigning each unit, and our efforts in getting a hold of said items into account, the price will range from 700 PhP-800 PhP. Quite pricey, yes, but the USB's will be sold in a SET, not at a simple unit. And they're RARE.

Don't you think that they cost too much that way? The exact Sushi USB drives that we are to offer you - HAND-MADE, not factory-manufactured and 1.0 GB in capacity - normally cost 65-80 USD online (we did our research), minus the shipping fee via EMS or USPS and the subsequent customs duties tax WITH the much hated VAT. Think again.

Do you have a warranty? No, we do not. Take note that the USB's that we will be offering to you soon have already been modified in appearance and usage, so if we send them back to our supplier for an exchange (shipping costs and customs expenses are to be shouldered by YOU), you shall only acquire the unit - no add-on accessories and such. Rest assured; we shall inspect every inch of the USB and even test it to see if it's working before we ship them out to your doorstep.

All questions (and even answers) were taken from the Hamburger Phone's FAQ section, but altered accordingly. This is because the phones and USB drives both seem to cover the same concerns to the buyers. ^^

Anyway, I hope the deal is good enough to attract our dear buyers. The Sushi USB's are certified cute, unique and in excellent condition!

Feel free to make inquiries if you have any more questions.

And once again, the Sushi USB Set (Ikura Sushi Edition and Uzura Natto Edition) will be up for sale next Saturday, August 22, 2009!!

Let's all mark our calendars now, shall we~?


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  2. Can you please post some pictures of the usb drives?
    And what do you mean by "set"? :)

  3. sis. my calendar is already set na for saturday! yehey! :)