August 14, 2009

Introducing The NEW G-Cash CLICK!

Hi, everyone!

Just recently, Globe has started a campaign that aims to benefit all sellers and buyers involved in internet commerce - an new online payment facility, G-Cash CLICK!.

What is G-Cash CLICK, you ask?

Here's a brief description taken from the official site:

G-Cash CLICK! is a new payment facility that integrates online payment via SMS with a pick-up and delivery service. A first in the Philippines, G-Cash CLICK! aims to make online shopping safe, affordable and hassle-free! No need to leave your home as G-Cash CLICK! will pick-up and deliver purchased items for you through our accredited courier, Delbros, Inc., all while holding your funds temporarily and releasing the payment to your seller only until the merchandise has been delivered to you.

Simply activate your G-Cash wallet under a Globe or TM phone and register to G-Cash CLICK! so you can let your fingers do the shopping!

"Curls & Twirls" is one of the chosen online shops that Globe has picked and deemed "reputable and credible enough" to be a part of this newly launched program. Quite frankly, we are still clueless on how to handle such recognition, but we do feel honored. Very much so. And until now, we're still thinking how exactly they were able to come across our site. xD

Anyway, to learn more about G-Cash CLICK, feel free to go to their official site by clicking here. The system is pretty easy to comprehend, so you'll definitely have no trouble getting the hang of it. The registration is free of charge, but make sure you've subscribed to G-Cash first before signing up!

G-Cash CLICK!'s official launching is tomorrow, August 15. Look forward to it, because we are~!



  1. sounds cool.. tnx for the info :D

  2. nice idea!!! will benefit thw buyer

  3. Subscribe na kayo! Mas mapapadali buhay nateng lahat dito! ^___^

  4. hmm well nung nabasa q yung FAQs d pla xa applicable sakin.. for me parang hassle xa sa seller though good thing para sa mga buyers. toinks!

  5. Pero for the buyer's sake, right? Saken naman, I'll have to adjust to their new system, pati yung new courier. Required kasi kame gamitin toh for demostration, and since kasama kame sa campaign. ^^;

  6. how much shipping sa delbros?

  7. Nasa site na poh nila lahat. Check nio na lang. :3