April 30, 2011

Of Birthday Giveaways & New Uploads! n.n


Once again, it'll be Gen and Cring's birthday this Monday!

Gen ~ May 2, 1988 (23 y/o)
Cring ~ May 2, 1987 (24 y/o)

Aiyaa~ Time flies by so fast! We're getting ooooooooooooooold, and we're honestly not liking it! :))

Still, we figured it calls for a (reluctant) celebration, and so, we decided to have a super mega OH!-some giveaway this month of flowers. For our CurlyTwirly Treat #03, TWO (2) lucky participants will be selected as winners! What's up for the giveaways, you ask? The announcement will be made exactly on our birthday, so ready yourselves! :)

In the meantime, TWO new products will be uploaded tomorrow around 2:00-3:00 PM. I'm telling you this now because I have an engagement tomorrow and I won't have the time to send out text messages to our dear subscribers. My baby bro (and self-proclaimed VP of CurlyTwirly Corp. - where did that come from?) will be the one to activate the listings on my behalf.

So yeah, stay tuned, darlings! I'm sorry if this sounds rushed, but the heat is seriously making my head hurt; I need rest.



  1. Happy birthday sis Gen and sis Cring! More and more and more birthdays to come! Hope you had a great birthday :D

  2. Thank you, Shan! :) One disadvantage for this day is that we can't get together to celebrate. Kasi syempre, kasama family. Haha... Kaya nagkikita kame ni Cring after our birthday na. :))