April 19, 2011

Hello, Multiply 5.0! We're an Alpha Merchant! :)

Time for change!

As you can see, Curls & Twirls is currently undergoing enhancements; we now have the new Multiply Shopping Cart integrated to our system. All available products have also been put into listings rather than normal photos in the photo album/gallery. In this alpha testing stage, you might experience some kinks in the shopping procedures we've all gotten used to, but rest assured that everything is made to benefit everyone and give both sellers and buyers a new and improved shopping experience in Multiply. The new steps aren't all that complicated and I believe it's quite easy to navigate through the new platform, but if you feel lost, just call my attention and I'll be glad to help you. :) I'd SO like to create an intensive guide for everyone (complete with images!), but I'm afraid I'm too busy to do that right now. ^^;

As one of the few chosen Multiply 5.0 merchants, Curls & Twirls will be helping out the Multiply team (through the newly established Multiply.Ph) to make Multiply.com evolve into an awesome shopping destination; thus, if you encounter any problems while using this new version, or if you have any feedback, recommendations and all that, please feel free to PM me so I can share your insights with them. 

Thank you! Enjoy the new Multiply 5.0, loves! :)


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