April 5, 2009

Notice: No Shipping from April 5-10!

As much as we'd love to serve our beloved clients, shipping will be put on hold from April 5-10, 2009 to make way for the Holy Week.

Ate Mooch and Cring will be going to Batangas to visit their relatives, and I, Gen, has just come down with a severe case of cough and cold. As I'm typing this, I'm barking crazy like a dog, and my cold is getting worse by the minute, I had to stick two tissue papers up my nose until I'm able to post this journal. Then, I can finally blow with all my might (and sound like a honking bus as I do so), and relieve myself of this inconvenience until the next 30 seconds. T__T"

Again, we're really sorry for this.

I will still be online most of the time though, so inquiries, reservations and transactions are still entertained and very much welcomed. =)


Curls & Twirls

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