October 30, 2009

Triple Holiday SALE On Nov.01!! ^___^

Because we can't keep our mouths shut from sheer excitement anymore, we have decided to finally spill the beans! xD

This special event is supposed to start tomorrow (Oct. 31), but certain technical problems came up that hindered us from making the necessary preparations - promotional banners, altered layouts and such - on time. We can't possibly rush the process, so we'll just have to extend our working time for one more day. I hope you guys understand. ^^;

Moving on~

What's a Triple Holiday Sale, you ask?

Simply put, it's a GRAND sale honoring the celebration of Halloween, Christmas/End of the Year and our shop's 1st anniversary. Starting Nov. 01, 2009, ALL AVAILABLE ITEMS in our gallery shall be put up for sale, their prices having deducted to 75% LESS than their original costs at most! This is not exactly what one calls a "Clearance Sale" though, as when Jan. 10, 2010 hits, all products that have been left unclaimed shall be sold on their original prices yet again.

Still, a 2-month long sale is pretty... long, isn't it? You'll have plenty of time to do your holiday shopping with us, but don't dilly-dally! Our stocks are VERY few per product, after all~!

Anyway, consider this as our very special holiday treat to all the wonderful people who have contributed to Curls & Twirls' success since our opening last Jan. 2009. You know who you are, and we pray that you know how thankful we are of your supports as well.

As usual, subscribers shall be informed of the exact time for the sale. As for the rest of you, just stay tuned, okay? :D This is one happening you don't want to NOT take part of, especially since we RARELY conduct sales. *winks*


Curls & Twirls

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