January 11, 2010

Available Items for LESS! :D

Hello again!

As you can see, the "Triple Holiday Sale!!!" is officially over, and the site has now reverted back to its look prior to said event. All items that have been left unclaimed from the sale are once again placed in their respective albums and posted on the front page of the gallery.

Now, this is REALLY important. We've stated BEFORE that once the sale ends, all remaining products shall go back to their original selling prices. Never mind that, people. We're feeling really kind today so we we've decided to sell all of them for LESS! Yay! View the albums and see the changes; you're sure to love us MORE for what we did!

Also, the Sushi USB Sets are still sold for P550/set + FREE shipping (within Metro Manila). Remind yourself to take a chance on such a generous offer if you still haven't bought yourself a unique piece, because that super low price shall NOT be permanent. *wink*wink*

Our shop's policy shall also be altered, as mentioned in the blog entry before this. Hopefully, we can finally make up our minds on what *exactly* to change in our regulations (most especially, the meet-up places and guidelines). Just stay tuned, okay?

And remember! 5 new uploads TOMORROW (Jan.12) at 6:00-7:00 PM!!


Curls & Twirls

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