March 29, 2010

Lag. Lag. LAG.

Hi, Loves!

As you can see, the Package Nursery hasn't been updated in ages, and we've been seriously lagging behind the shop's news and monthly updates. We're really sorry about this, but ever since we did the "Triple Holiday Sale!!!" last year, things have been quite hectic for us - with the sudden rush of Christmas orders, bulk purchases and our habitual flight abroad for inventory updates amidst them all. Everything just went out of control, so we kind of lost track of what we've been doing, except that we had to fulfill each and every order and demand in our record. ^^;

Anyway, we hope this isn't a crucial issue to everyone concerned, but we shall resume taking pictures of your orders (as requested) and posting them in the Package Nursery section on April 2010 onwards. We still have the images of the orders made since October 2009, but we couldn't find the time to post them for their respective owners because we were too busy. A few months have already gone by, and we know this shouldn't be such a concern any more, but we just felt the need to address the issue. We wouldn't want to make our beloved patrons feel that we're ignoring them after all. :)

On the brighter side though, we'll be posting 2 new products some time today. Summer is here, and we've found the perfect props for cool vacationers out there! Stick around, okay?


Curls & Twirls

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