August 27, 2010

4th Batch of Sleeping Masks SOON. Newer, Better & Funnier!! :D

Surprise! Surprise!

We've recently ordered a new batch of sleeping masks from our supplier abroad. Lucky that she informed us about it ahead of time because otherwise, we would have missed it (and other merchants would have beat us to it). The designs are MUCH BETTER than our previous batches, with some similar to our first set of uploads and the rest NEWER and FUNNIER!!

We bought as much as our budget could allow, with the shipping and customs charge included. Currently, the parcel with 100 pcs. of sleeping masks is in transit and is estimated to arrive here this Tuesday (Aug. 31, 2010).

Shocked? Excited? Giddy? Happy?

Brace yourselves, loves! We'll be uploading the new batch as early as the first week of September -- after making the necessary preparations in haste. ^^

In the meantime, please leave your NAME and NUMBERS here if you wish to be informed of the exact date and time of upload.

Thank you!


Curls & Twirls


  1. WAH~ term break na ako huhu! I want more.. :(
    but please do contact me.09276970947

  2. We have about 20 new designs ata, Mara. Hope you find something you like! :D

  3. OMG!!!!!! Xd i'll wait for it!!! hahaha XD malapit na 'ber' months!!! weeeeee!!!

  4. 1st week ng September, dear. I'll text you~ :D

  5. 4th batch to be uploaded any time within THIS week!! Stay tuned, loves! :)

  6. me me me...
    sana may panda..
    tin - 09228000725 and 09062464668