June 23, 2011

READ: New Meet-up/COD Policies.


Effective immediately, meet-ups shall be limited to 7-Eleven (BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City) and Market! Market! (Taguig City) every weekends only, with a handling/transpo fee of P20 and P50 respectively.

I'm so sorry if this is very sudden, but me and my BF are getting incredibly busy with our own jobs (I just opened a store at eBay.com and it's been crazy with customers lately, while my BF is always in OT-mode so he goes home late all the time). Also, my mom advised me against doing COD's in too many places because it's seriously affecting my health (I've been diagnosed with a... weird disease - one I still find hard to believe). Thus, I'm forced to make these changes. This also explains why I haven't posted new products in our gallery, actually. ^^;

I'll be updating our system in accordance to this new policy soon. I'll wait for my fever to die down first (really, how workaholic am I?).

Again, I'm really sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone. Just try to understand, please? Your cooperation is much appreciated.


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