August 7, 2011

Curls & Twirls @ Multiply.Ph's Official Launch.

Go forth and MULTIPLY! 

Last August 4, Curls & Twirls was invited by Multiply.Ph to attend their official launch, as well as a Meet & Greet session with Multiply's president and CEO, Mr. Peter Pezaris, the whole Multiply.Ph staff and our fellow top sellers. Out of the 150,000 online shops registered at Multiply.Ph, only the Top 50 were invited, and - Oh, my Gadd! - we're actually one of them! Until now, I still can't get my head around what Mr. Jack Madrid, Multiply.Ph's manager, told us: "Look around; you are the country's top 50 Multiply sellers" - or something like that. I was too amazed to hang on to his every word. xD

Before anything else, we had the chance to visit the newly refurbished Multiply.Ph office, and it was a REAL improvement from what we saw in our first visit last April 2011 (Multiply 5.0 Alpha Merchant meeting). Their brand new spanking base is soooo hip, but what got Cring and I (and the other sellers, I'm sure) squealing in delight was their ultra cute graffiti wall!

Made by Weewilldoodle. So cute! ^^

As for the actual event, it was surprisingly short. Mr. Jack Madrid gave the opening remarks, followed Mr. Peter Pezaris telling us how and why the Multiply Marketplace came to be (which had almost every seller laughing guiltily and amusedly), then there was Mr. Philips Yu (Head of Merchant Relations) with a PowerPoint presentation, and the introduction of Multiply.Ph's staff. Lastly, there was a Multiply Bingo game that got all the sellers mingling with one another in an instant. It was a great way to break the ice, and the prizes were seriously grand. Too bad we didn't win. xD

"Thank you for blatantly ignoring our terms of services; thus, paving the way
for what the Multiply e-commerce platform is today." ~ Mr. Peter Pezaris

Some of the lovely people behind Multiply.Ph.
Cring and I were mistaken as staff because we were also wearing Multiply shirts.
Super Mega Fail! xD

From 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM, it was pure fun for everyone. The food and refreshments were great, and the Multiply.Ph staff was so friendly and made us feel right at home. We also had a chance to pose for pictures with Mr. Peter Pezaris and Mr. Jack Madrid, along with our newfound friends, Ron of Merkado Network, and Belle and Madz of Fedora's Fashion Store.

Rubbing shoulders with Multiply's Big Men! Not bad, eh~? ;)

Oh, and we also got some free swag - an eco shopping tote, a Multiply-neur shirt (which we gave to Ate Mooch who was absent from the event), a notebook and notepad.

We can't wait for more events like this!

Thank you, Multiply Philippines!
You guys seriously rock!



  1. You're one of the top 50 out of 150,000? That's something! Not that I didn't see it coming or anything, pero ang galing! Congrats! :DDDDD You deserve it, your shop is one of the best. :)

  2. Thanks, Shan! ^___^ Galing noh? During the meeting, Cring and I have absolutely no idea na ganun pala status namen. There were so many big shop names out there (like Asian Vogue and Brussel Sprouts) - akala mo nasa Awards Night ka ng Hollywood. Sobrang starstruck ako! Haha. :))

    When we posed for a pic with Peter Pezaris, kilig na kilig ako for some reason. xD