November 18, 2015

READ: Important Events!

Feeling ALIVE~?

Why, I sure AM! 8D

Just because I have been *seriously* lagging post-wise doesn't mean I haven't forgotten about this blog (Okay, maybe a little!). But don't you worry, folks, because I am working ever so hard to bring you something really special this fast approaching holiday season! :)

Here are a few things I'm gonna let you in on:
  • Our last (2) events for the year. These are the Christmas Garage Sale on Dec. 6 at The Hollowbox in BF Resort, and the Christmas Toy Fair (by ToyCon) on Dec. 11-13. Details soon!
  • Year-end sale on Curls & Twirls. Yes, yes, yessss! Discounts and freebies abound for your Christmas shopping! <3
  • Another DECLUTTER sale. Early this year, I made an announcement that I would be holding a sale like this, and I did - but everything I had in store for you got sold *before* I could upload even one of them online. That's garage sale for you. :)) Anyway! I have a new batch ready, though we shall be starting with clothes for now because I'm lazy and I've yet to reorganize my shoe closet and craft cabinet. Follow my eBay store and Shopee, where I'll be featuring these babies in the coming days!
That's it for now. Ta, everyone! 


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