November 15, 2012

READ!! Impt. Changes, Triple Holiday Sale, Grand Giveaway & etc.

Hello, lovely ladies (and gentlemen)!

Please forgive me for throwing out these sudden announcements without much ado, but I'm really pressed for time and I can't afford to dawdle (like what I always do in my past journals ^^). 

(Effective NOW!) 

1. WE HAVE OUR OWN DOMAIN! Yes, you heard that right. I know it's not much (especially since the URL redirects to our Multiply site), but I've been meaning to get one since last year, and I'm super glad I finally did. Enter, my friends. =] 

2. OUR OFFICIAL INFO SITE. As mentioned in my previous entry, all of Curls & Twirls' journals and information pages have moved to our Blogger account. I'll probably still post my new entries here until December comes (parting with Multiply's blog is harder than I thought), but be informed of this anyways. 

3. NO MORE TEXT UPDATES. I'm sorry, but it's really tiring to text all my subscribers every product upload. Chikka only allows you to text a limited number of people per day, so I had to subscribe multiply accounts just to accommodate everyone. What's worse is that Chikka's latest version doesn't let you text in groups! Imagine how annoying that is, especially when I'm not even sure if my clients have been receiving my texts. I don't mean to sound whiny, but I'm done with text updates. I'm really sorry, dears. Instead, please like/follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Effective immediately, all updates, announcements, special promos and giveaways will be posted there in real-time. Please, please bear with me. 

 4. TRIPLE HOLIDAY SALE! Yes, it's late. No, I haven't forgotten this yearly event of ours. I've just been busy, people, but the sale is coming, I promise. In fact, the sale will commence this weekend at Multiply's SHOPALOOZA Bazaar! ALL ITEMS will be ON SUPER SALE at our booth, so please do pay us a visit. After this event, all remaining items will be sold online at a MUCH LOWER PRICE (yes, double discount!), until the SUPERSALE BAZAAR - where we will deduct a few more pesos off each product (triple discount, baby!), and this will carry on online until January 10, 2013. How about that? There's your TRIPLE HOLIDAY SALE! ;) 

5. GRAND GIVEAWAY - CURLYTWIRLY STYLE. I've mentioned this over at our FB page a few days ago. Anyway, the grand giveaway will be up for viewing next week, after our Shopalooza adventure. I've yet to think of the mechanics and the actual prizes, but do know that Curls & Twirls will be giving away LOADS OF FREE GOODIES to (5) LUCKY WINNERS, and that we'd really love for YOU (and your friends) to join! ^__^ More details soon. Please look forward to it. 

6. NEW LOOK FOR CURLS & TWIRLS. Another notice I've made over at FB. As much as I love this chocolatey layout I've made for Curls & Twirls a couple of years ago, our quirky shop is need of a new look. I'll have to wait until Multiply's Dec. 1 change before I can begin anything though. For now, what do you think of this new design for our logo (view HERE)? The new shape is a reminiscent of the doilies we use for our new eco-friendly packaging, and the stitched ribbon adds a touch of 'dainty, handmade goodness'. More importantly, the font used for "CURLS & TWIRLS" finally fits. Hooray! What do you say to that? Share your insights (via Twitter or FB) to get a 10% coupon code! :D 

Wow, that's a lot of announcements. ^^ 

As usual, message me for any concerns, comments, suggestions, violent reactions and the likes. 

Have a pleasant day! 


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