November 15, 2012

Shopalooza! Floor Plan - Visit Us! :)

Heads up!

Below is the floor plan for the 1st SHOPALOOZA! this Nov. 16-18, 2012. As you can see, Curls & Twirls is located at BOOTH # 57. Click the image to see the floor plan as a whole.

Now, what to expect? Booths and exhibitors that will offer different wares (clothes, jewelries, toys, gadgets, food and MORE!) and quirky toys and accessories from yours truly. We'll have LOADS OF NEW ITEMS making their debut there, all freshly delivered from Japan! :D 

Besides our usual curlytwirly cuteness, a good number of pre-owned but UNUSED apparels will also be showcased c/o our sub-brand, Onigiri Outlet. Regular-sized tops will be sold for only P49, while plus-sized blouses will be priced at P180 and below! There will also be an array of footwear (sandals, heels and boots) from sizes 8-10. 

And the kicker? Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in our booth will be ON SALE (Triple Holiday Sale)!! ^____^

How about that? 

I hope you're excited as much as we are. SHOPALOOZA! is sure to be two and a half days of nothing but funfunfun, so if you have the time, do drop by. Let's make Multiply's first merchant bazaar be a success! It's FREE ENTRANCE/ADMISSION anyway. 

See you guys there? :3


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