April 17, 2013

Heat Wave Summer Bazaar Floor Plan - Visit Us! :)

Heads up! 

Below is the floor plan for the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar this coming April 19-21, 2013. As you can see, Curls & Twirls (along with Hatah! Hatah! and GWY Shop) is located at BOOTH #69. Click the image to see the floor plan as a whole.

What is Heat Wave, you ask? Why, it's only one of the most highly anticipated summer bazaars in the Metro! The event is organized by the same company behind the ever grand NOEL Christmas Bazaars, and because it's also affiliated with GMA, a lot of your fave local celebrities guest or even visit the venue, walking around the tenants' area, searching for good finds themselves - like ordinary shoppers. Cool, right?

But besides that, there are a lot of amazing goodies in store for you there -- ALL AT DISCOUNTED PRICES, I've heard! Even I will be putting most of my items on sale. ;)

So there. Make sure you come, bring your friends, shop 'til you drop, and have fun while you're at it! See you this weekend, my darlings~! ^__^


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