January 20, 2015

What's In Store for 2015? Watch out!

How YOU doin'?

Really, really sorry for the lack of updates and new products, dearests. As you may all know, I've recently gotten married, and I'm still trying to get used to this new life of mine. Also, hubby and I have been terribly busy moving stuff and getting furniture and such for our new home. It's a working progress, but I think we've done a good job so far. :)

Greetings from the newly weds, Une and Genny!
(That's us, btw. xD)

Indeed, Curls & Twirls may have taken a backseat due to these new demands of my time (marriage, moving, the works...), but it is still HIGH on my priority list. A few things in store for you are:
  • Otaku Expo 2015. Our first event for the new year. Details to be posted soon!
  • A much grander February CurlyTwirly Treat. I had to skip out on my monthly giveaway this January, so I shall pay you back DOUBLE on the next. More prizes, more cuteness, more smiles! :)
  • Declutter sale on our eBay store. Because we're moving and our new home cannot possibly accommodate ALL my stuff, I'll have to let some of them go. I'm not exactly a shopaholic or a hoarder, but I do tend to get crazily impulsive ("I don't care if I never use it! It's pretty and shiny and I wanna buy it!") and unreasonably paranoid ("These [plural noun] are cute! I shall get all of them in case the world runs out of these [plural noun]!"). So yeah, do expect an influx of pre-owned but barely used (if not unused without tags) clothes, footwear (mostly boots), accessories, craft materials, and home accents (from my trips to Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong) in a few weeks. ^^;
  • A monthly newsletter at Curls&TwirlsPH.com. This will be sent out to any client who subscribes for one. Hubby has volunteered to do the job for me, so yay! 
  • New products. Why, of course! Imported, handmade, much kawaii. <3
Please watch out for these and more. I swear I won't let you down!

Thank you! I love you! :-*



  1. Do inform me when you'll upload your pre-owned stuff! I'm pretty sure I'll like some, if not most of your kawaii stuff! (Also hoping that your shoe size is the same as mine, which is 6.)

    1. Hi, Shanne! Yes, I will. :) You can text me at 0916-5181480 so I can save your number. <3