May 14, 2015

CarLashes FAQ.

The kitschest car accessory for chicks with wheels!

What are CarLashes?
CarLashes are car cosmetics for headlights. Basically, they're faux eyelashes that customers, ostensibly women, affix above their vehicle's headlights. They're very funny and attractive - a guaranteed head-turner. Eyelashes give any vehicle a personalized feminine.

What are CarLashes made of?
CarLashes are made from high quality PVC that bends around headlights and attaches easily with automotive 3M trim tape. The material's flexibility allows you to curl the lashes in the same way you curl an ordinary ribbon.

Will the CarLashes fit any car?
CarLashes fit on the headlights of most vehicles - from mini cars to family vans, and even motorcycles! :)

How do CarLashes go on?
Much like false eyelashes, CarLashes use adhesive to affix them to each headlight. Our CarLashes are specifically attached with 3M double sided automotive trip tape to ensure a stronger hold. It is the same tape used to attach exterior trim on vehicles, wind guards, reflectors, mirrors and bug guards.

Are the CarLashes easy to remove?
Yes, it's easy to take off CarLashes, and it`s probably less painful than removing fake eyelashes on the face! To remove, slowly and gently peel the lashes off the headlights. If the tape sticks to the car, remove the residue by rolling it with a finger or your thumb.

Will the CarLashes cause damage?
Since 3M tape is used to affix many other aftermarket items, it is unlikely the adhesive will harm the car paint, glass or bumper. As for the CarLashes themselves, they are mainly used for decorative purposes, so it is highly advised that you do not run your vehicle at a high speed with them attached. 

Anything else?
To further ensure that the lashes will not damage your vehicle's paint, coat or scratch the edges on wax, and again, keep in mind that CarLashes are not meant for fast driving

For any more concerns, feel free to comment below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


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