May 15, 2015

Tutorial: Wall Decal Sticker.

Tutorial desu!

No need to fret as the whole process is totally fuss-free, but for the sake of worrisome darlings with OCD, I shall guide you step-by-step using a series of pictures and the magic of words! <3

(Click to enlarge.)

STEP #1.
When you purchase your very own Kawaii Critter Mini Decal Sticker from us, you will find that each sticker comes with a transfer tape. This will help you transfer your decal sticker to your wall; thus, the name. xD

STEP #2.
Place the transfer tape over the vinyl sticker. You don't need to set it straight; just make sure that the tape covers all parts of the sticker.

STEP #3.
Leave a bit of excess tape on top of the sticker. This will make things easier for you later. Trust me on this. ;)

STEP #4.
Get a squeegee or a PVC card, and gently, but firmly rub it across the transfer tape. This removes any air bubbles that may have formed, and makes the sticker cling to the tape.

STEP #5.
Find the perfect space for your new decal. Ours is ideal to spruce up your boring light switches, but electricity outlets work too. Make sure the surface is clean! Removing any dirt or oil from your chosen spot is very important to allow the sticker to adhere properly. Use a bit of soapy water to clean the surface, then leave it to dry completely. COMPLETELY.

STEP #6.
It's application time! Get your decal, and carefully place it on your now clean surface. Keep the decal in place by rubbing the excess tape on the wall, then take your time making adjustments. As seen in image #6, I snipped the tail and positioned it at a different angle because it looked better that way. Don't be afraid to move the pieces around! :3

STEP #7.
Now here comes the tricky part. With a finger or two pressed onto the excess tape, flip the decal, and from the top, slowly pull off the paper backing vertically, smoothing the sticker over the surface as you go. Also, if you find the sticker still clinging to the paper, reapply the paper backing to the wall, repeat Step #4, and continue peeling where you left off. 

STEP #8.
We're almost done, people! What's left is to remove the transfer tape, but before you do that, you need to make sure that the vinyl sticks to the WALL this time. To do that, repeat Step #4 with your trusty squeegee or PVC card.

STEP #9.
Start peeling the transfer tape from the top. If, yet again, the sticker isn't fully removed from the tape, go back to Step #4, then resume peeling. Slow and careful are the keys to victory, mon ami!

STEP #10.
Aaand voila, you're done! :D Step back and admire your work. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. ^__^

Easy-peasy, right? Here's another snapshot for show! <3

(Click to enlarge.)

The Kawaii Critter Mini Decal Sticker is available in (6) designs. If you wish to check out the other cute animals available for accenting your room, visit our website at We're selling each at a very friendly price of only 120 PHP. Worldwide shipping accepted! :)


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