June 9, 2016

Join Us @ ToyCon 2016! ^__^

Hear ye! Hear ye! 

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Curls & Twirls will be at:
ToyCon 2016
June 10-12, 2016 (Fri.-Sun.)
SMX Convention Center, Pasay City

This is our BIGGEST event yet, so please do come! :) You can learn more about this wondrous happening at their website. It's really too... HUGE to explain. 

Below is the floor plan for said event. Find Curls & Twirls at booth #185 , which should be right behind Filbar's and Gaming Library.

(Click to enlarge.)

Standard ticket price is 500 PhP per head. There are discounts for little kiddies and multiple day entries. 

Now, excuse me as I really need to get back to work if I want to finish all my to-do's in time for tomorrow's ingress (I already missed today's set-up!). See you this tomorrow, loves! :)


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