November 9, 2010

AME Track 10: The Aftermath.


Considering that this is our first time, our participation at AME Track 10 was a HUGE success! A few minutes before the event, we had an organizer purchase from us, and only 10 minutes into the actual opening, we were already handing out a paper bag to our 5th customer! Yay!

Until now, I can't help but feel giddy every time I'd remember the hordes and hordes of people that would swarm our tiny booth every so often, gasping and cooing over our products. Seriously, you guys have NO idea how much you've made us happy with that - THANK YOU! We truly, truly appreciate it.

However, the day could have gone a little better, me thinks. For starters, I was suffering from a huge headache that day, and the very loud performers on stage didn't do anything to relieve me. One particular singer had the microphone in his hand already and yet he'd still shout and jump and just 'rock on' as if the people in the area didn't have EARS. There has always been a thin line between music and noise, and he was - in NO way - singing the lyrics; he was shouting them, and every word felt like knives. By the time the event finally ended, my ears were ringing and my head was throbbing. Ate Mooch was lucky to have earplugs on her, so next time, I'll come prepared. >__> (I'm sorry; I always get cranky when I'm feeling ill.)

Also, the venue should have been bigger. Many visitors had to wait long and hard outside the area because SMX's Hall 2 apparently couldn't accommodate any more people. Even those who had tickets prior to the event didn't get an early admission - save for my mom who intimidated the bouncers and practically forced her way in! xD But the many friends we've invited and the clients who were supposed to pick up their orders (and buy a few more, they said) weren't lucky enough. And we were so looking forward to seeing them (I even practiced my "greeting smile"!). Maybe next time, we'll get lucky...

Despite the issues mentioned above, however, we all enjoyed AME Track 10. Granted that it needed improvements on certain areas and the orderliness was generally lacking, everyone had a great time, and that's all that matters in the end.

We - Gen, Cring and Mooch - thank UP AME for giving us the opportunity to be a part of their 10-year celebration, especially to Elise for inviting us and answering all our queries, and to Nigel for taking the time to meet us personally. Meeting Jayne of Hatah! Hatah! (and her baby bump!) was such a thrill, and Ms. Joy (ligayadiwata) - one of Onigiri Outlet's favorite patrons. I apologize for not being able to talk to you that much even if I wanted to. Besides my evil headache, I'd always shy away from people who I haven't known for at least a full year (Read: I have no people skillz. D:). If we ever meet again on future cons, I'll make it up to you, I promise!  Last, but definitely not the least, EVERYONE who dropped by our booth - even those who didn't buy but squealed in delight at the cuteness of everything we had (your appreciation alone is more than enough, really) and the guys who ogled over our kinky phone! xD

We have a few leftovers from the fair, so expect that I shall be featuring them here really soon for the rest of you to see. All of them are experimental projects, personally handcrafted by yours truly. More on these will be discussed on a separate journal entry that I've yet to work on. For now, I'll be catching up on 2 months' worth of sleep and at least a week's worth of playtime. I hope you don't mind. ^^

Oh, and pictures from AME Track 10 will be uploaded in a day or two. Thank you!


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